Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Water main break causes problem in Hamilton Beach

Joe Thompson
From the Queens Courier:

A continuous stream of water has been flowing onto one Hamilton Beach street for over six days due to a water main break, causing flooding along the thoroughfare that turns into sheets of ice when temperatures dip below freezing.

“It’s been six days,” said Roger Gendron, president of the Hamilton Beach Civic Association. “I don’t understand why it is taking so long to fix. In all honesty I just feel like this is the way the city treats Hamilton Beach.”

On Feb. 23, water from the break, which is located directly in the middle of the First Street in Hamilton Beach, was gushing from cracks in the asphalt down toward 104th Street and into a catch basin. But now with temperatures set to plunge well below freezing again Monday night, Gendron is concerned about potentially hazardous conditions if the city doesn’t fix the problem.

The break was first noticed on Feb. 17 by Joe Thompson of the Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol during his nightly tour. He observed the water coming out of the ground and turning into ice due to the cold weather that night. He immediately filed a 311 report but the only response from the city, up to this point, was a sanitation truck dispatched on Feb. 18 to salt the road in order to break up some of the ice.


Anonymous said...

Probbly is the property owner's responsibility and the owner hasn't got a plumber there yet.

Troll said...

Depends where the break is. It sounds like it is the main pipe if the water is coming out in the middle of the street (versus someone's basement). The city has to come and shut it off at least. The owner can't do that.

Time to stop stockpiling water bottles!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be the first time an owner's pipe goes out far into the street. The owner is responsible from the point where his or her pipe joins the city's water main.