Thursday, February 12, 2015

AirBnB just isn't kosher

From Capital New York:

Months after facing accusations by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman that its users were violating rental and zoning laws, home sharing site Airbnb continues to host thousands of potentially illegal apartment listings in New York City.

That’s according to a Capital analysis of newly published data that was “scraped” from the Airbnb website by a community activist. More than 58 percent of the Airbnb listings in the city are for “entire” apartments or houses, meaning no one else would be present during a stay, according to the data.

Under state law, it is illegal to lease most homes—with the exception of one- and two-family residences—for periods of less than 30 days when the owner or tenant is not present. But of the 15,977 full-apartment listings found on Airbnb, just one requires stays longer than a month.

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