Sunday, February 22, 2015

City seeks consultant for Sunnyside Railyard study

Photo from the Real Deal
From the Daily News:

Despite opposition from Gov. Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio is going full steam ahead with his plan to convert a Queens rail yard into affordable housing.

The city on Friday asked for consultants to bid on conducting a “feasibility study” on the Sunnyside Yards project.

De Blasio — who has vowed to create 200,000 units of affordable housing over 10 years — wants to build a Stuyvesant Town-style affordable housing complex on the roughly 200-acre site. It would be a mix of city, state and Amtrak-owned land, with 11,250 units.

Hours after the mayor announced the proposal last month, Cuomo said the state land wasn’t up for grabs because it’s used by the MTA.

The feasibility study the city plans will initially examine only the city and Amtrak-owned sections, but the document is written to include the state-owned parts of the land if Cuomo changes his mind.

At the moment, it doesn’t appear he will.

Folks, these projects are always about getting consultants paid and nothing more. I suspect that's the case here as well.


Anonymous said...

$millions will be wasted here without a shovel hitting the dirt.

Anonymous said...

How about getting rid of 200,000 people?

NYC is way too overcrowded - you can see it in people's attitudes - everyone is nasty!

We don't need more housing - we need fewer people!

Anonymous said...

why don't we build them in the mayor's backyard that would be just great --

Anonymous said...

I love it, two grossly incompetent elected officials (Even though they were "Elected" by the smallest turnout in state history) going at each other. It's gonna get even funnier...

Missing Foundation said...

I like how people like Doktor-off come into our communities and make comments like 'this area is too important not to be developed' and our elected officials and what passes for civics in Queens just causally let that slide.

What are the people of Queens?

Rats and vermin to be cleansed so someone can make money?

Something to be held in contempt until 'better' people can displace us making a 'better' use of our land?

JQ said...

Mayor Big Slow is taking a page from Mayor Fun Size's handling of modernizing the 911 system and the city's payroll. One day, there will be more useless consultants running around the halls than there are oversized rats in the subway.

And speaking as a poor person looking for a better home, I don't want to live in Sunnyside nor do I want to wait 5 to 10 years for an affordable shitbox.

Anonymous said...

Got to have homes for the preferred illegal subsidized demacratic voting class and a soccer stadium!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Dan Doctoroff will be on top of it all. Beware this leftover from an older administration. And with De Blasio's gray matter lacking speed...Mayor Bill will be listening to Danlike he is the messiah.

Anonymous said...

and what about the Harlem River Rail Yards in the South Bronx where papa cuomo and now little cuomo have been larding largesse on Galesi group and not FreshDirect, temn million just approved in state money, cash!
Deblasio promised to stop FreshDirect subsidies and look, Cuomo is railroading him, pun intended!