Saturday, February 14, 2015

Problems with Jamaica body shop


I just recently came across your site. Thought I would try to get some help and the word out on this establishment. The exact address is 91-20 182nd St, Jamaica, NY 11423. I’m writing this on behalf of my elderly parents who live on this street. Ever since this ‘repair shop’ came into the neighborhood they have been parking the cars that they have been repairing on the entire streets. Numerous call have been place to 311 to fine them for illegally parking on alternate side days. But they remove the license plates every morning from all the cars so they can avoid being ticketed. They leave the damaged cars overnight on the streets taking away parking space from the residents that actually live on the block. And if you ask them to move their cars they threaten you with bully tactics. So much so that I have witnessed the enforcement agents just walk by the cars afraid they will confronted by them. As you can see from this picture from their Facebook page, anything below that parking sign is commercial use till 6pm. But they parks cars even before that sign and even around the block to the next street. I would just like them to be put on notice for their acts. And if you know of anyone I can call or anything I can do to stop them from abusing the parking situation please let me know. It was a quiet block till they moved in.

Thanks in advance.

- Anonymous

There are SO MANY auto body shops that do this. They need their own enforcement agency.

Call your council member: Daneek Miller (718) 776-3700.

You can also have residents bombard their Facebook page. Ain't social media grand?


Anonymous said...

When you decimate the amount of cops on the street, all the small stuff slies. Bombard all your local pols and demand they hire more cops and civilians. Remember the old phrase. Quality o life, well there ain't much left in th city.

Joe Moretti said...

I can tell you now, Councilman Miller will do jack shit. Since this is a residential street, this should have never been allowed, but decades ago, someone approved off on this building to allow such things. Can you imagine a block in Park Slope allowing this.

I would contact the police department, if it falls under 103rd precinct they will do something (contact community affairs), if it is another precinct, don't know how helpful they will be.

I would say contact Community Board 12 but they are as useless as Jamaica politicians.

Anonymous said...

Also...attend the next 103rd Precinct Council meeting ...

JQ said...

they must have heard won't be updated.(great work ,joe)

I am tired of these scumbag types using intimidation and amateurish tricks with impunity.And this behavior is becoming palpable in other businesses too.

good luck busting these fools.

this town needs saving,not with gentrification but with a sense of decency.the same with east new york.Towering houses and hotels will not improve communities,they'll only make it easier for the rats to hide behind

Anonymous said...

try getting in touch with vehicle safety in Albany they regulate all auto repair and car dealer businesses in the state the have an office there in Jamaica #718 526 0945 they should be able to direct you on how to file a complaint GOOD LUCK!!!!

Beth said...

I have the same problem on my block. Car dealerships that don't respect the community. They don't move cars for alternate street parking, block my driveway and many other bullying tactics. They also rent residential garages to do auto repair for extra money without license. The police gave tickets to them but it hasn't been effective enough since they are still doing it on a regular basis. My quality of life is horrible and my taxes just got raised! The dealership is located on cypress ave in Glendale Queens and the illegal garage on 79th ave . The 104 precinct and community board 5.

Jackson Heights Johnny said...

Unfortunately, it's not just commercial establishments that clog residential streets. I live on 93rd Street between 31st and 32nd Avenues in Jackson Heights.

I.S. 227's (Louis Armstrong Middle School on Junction Blvd [aka 94th Street] teachers use all the surround blocks (including my block) to park on school days. Add to that alternate side of the street parking for street sweeping, and you can guess what chaos ensues.

Please don't get me wrong: I fully understand that the teachers have to park SOMEWHERE, and I use my garage for my two cars.

I guess the point I am trying to make here is that parking for RESIDENTS in Queens is BRUTAL!

Anonymous said...

NYPD has an enforcement unit call nighthawk 718-523-0295. This is the medicine to the problem.