Friday, February 27, 2015

Borough Hall parking garage won't be replaced any time soon

From the Queens Courier:

The city is planning to complete the demolition and replacement of a vital public garage near Queens Borough Hall by 2017 as members of the community complain about traffic nightmares and a constant battle for parking while they wait.

The city’s abrupt decision to close an essential parking garage in a congested area was described as irresponsible and unfair by local politicians back in September. City officials said the decision was made because of impending dangers from the building’s crumbling structure.

While the Department of Transportation attempts to hasten a usually long process, residents and commuters are stuck with heavy traffic and a lack of parking.

The decision to close the 500-space parking garage triggered a slew of community problems, including increased traffic from drivers looking for an extremely limited supply of parking spaces on the streets.

According to city documents, a new garage is set to be completed in 2017 under an “expedited process.”


Troll said...

What are the chances they let it be built by the private sector? They might even be able to start in March and finish by the fall!

No, wait, it will be a low bid project and drag on for 2 years and go way over budget!

That's business as usual in Queens!

Show me the money!

Anonymous said...

Queens borough hall was deliberately sited in the middle of nowhere from the get go. It is being kept more inaccessible by the "delay" in the completion of the parking lot. The crooks who do business there, love a remote hole in the wall where the gang can cut up their loot.

Anonymous said...

Where were the DOT and Buildings inspectors? Hmmm. I'd like to see all of the inspection reports done on this garage over the years.

Anonymous said...

Queens Boulevard in Kew Gardens is the middle of nowhere and inaccessible? These ideas strike me as strange.

Anonymous said... the middle of nowhere in the 1940s when Queens borough hall was built. Jamaica had more going for it than Kew Gardens and that should have been the location chosen. You obviously enjoy your insular view of your location. When you compare Brookly's borough hall ...the parochial location of QBH is in the middle of nowhere. Queens represents the cultural and intellectual void of NYC. Hello Archie Bunker!

Unknown said...

Queens is a large borough, and yes, Boro Hall (and the courts) are very inaccessable from many parts of queens. I used to live in little neck. i had a few choices:
1--bus to main street, 7 to 74th street, transfer to E and walk 2 blocks
2--LIRR to Penn station (my usual commute was LIRR), transfer to E
the first 2 options took over an hour and 15 minutes each, driving was slightly faster.

and this kind of commute (bus, subway, walk) is common for many other neighborhood (Astoria, LIC, Bayside, Rosedale,) the area is only convenient for people who live close to E/F or local lines of subway.

Anonymous said...

Helen, why didn't you consider the Q36 to the q46 or the Q36 to the F?

Unknown said...

OK time for a trade off......Residents will shut up about the construction noise for at least 16 hours per day 7 days a week in exchange for it being built in 3 months

Anonymous said...

What residents?

Unknown said...

what residents? well if there aren't any close by then why can't it be built from 7 am - 11pm 7 days a week and get it done fast?

Anonymous said...

It can. All it needs is a waiver from DOB.