Wednesday, February 18, 2015

One LIC ferry dock just isn't enough

From the Queens Courier:

The city plans to build a second ferry dock on the Long Island City waterfront to cope with the overwhelmed 7 train and a projected flood of new residents to the neighborhood in years to come.

The new stop will be a completely new dock separate from the existing Hunters Point terminal, which is part of the East River Ferry network, but will be necessary as thousands of new housing units are completed in the area.

The proposed citywide ferry system Mayor de Blasio unveiled earlier this year shows the new ferry stop, called Long Island City – North, which is already receiving cheers from residents and experts, although it won’t be operational until 2017.

It will be beneficial for future residents, especially since the population will balloon in coming years.

More than 10,500 residential units will be built by 2018 around the proposed Long Island City – North ferry landing, according to the Citywide Ferry Study.


Anonymous said...

Ferries are useless. They are there only to pander to yuppies living on the water. Have you noticed that during our arctic freeze a lot of these ferries were put out of service? Bad idea...bad planning...another boondoggle shoved in our faces.

Anonymous said...

We need more "fairies" than ferries to solve transportation problems. Does council member Van Bramer have any bright ideas?

Anonymous said...

The guys that run this ferry are rip-off artists.

It is a huge tax-payer funded scam on a form of transportation that only makes sense for the (somewhat) intellectually challenged local politicians, who can't give enough of your community and your tax moneys to developers (who in turn) hold the same politicians with scorn and contempt for being so gosh darn stupid.

But hell, worth it if only to enjoy looking at their bank statements.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. Now with 8 stops on the Queens and Brooklyn side, it will take 90 minutes to cross the East River. I'm sure this will be a great benefit to commuters. Great planning. Top brains on this no doubt under Duhblaz.

Anonymous said...

How about a ferry at Fort Totten?

Anonymous said...

A fetry to Fort Totten? You must be daft, laddie boy. So how do you get to 8th Ave. and 66th St. where you might work from the East River? Everybody has got water on the brain.