Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Costa wants ecodock in Astoria

From DNA Info:

Astoria Councilman Costa Constantinides wants to build an "eco dock" on the East River, a site where small boats could dock and local schools could run educational programs to allow students to interact with the waterfront.

"It's time that we return to our roots and once again connect with one of our greatest local resources: the East River," the lawmaker said Thursday night during his State of the District address.

"This simple project will offer Astorians from all walks of life a chance to reacquaint themselves with a world that for so long was neglected and disdained."

Constantinides is proposing that the dock replace a rotting pier near the Hallets Cove Playground, and be similar to one that the city built in Bay Ridge in 2013, where students are learning how oysters help the marine environment.


Anonymous said...

Can the city afford the liability insurance? Geez. We can't even get a park slide put in our neighborhood park because of the risk of someone getting injured.

Anonymous said...

Sure. Anything to attract interest, traffic and upscale people to bolster the waterfront development.

The fact that you are in the middle of several sewage plants, open sewer discharges, and a shoreline impregnated with God knows what is quite beside the point.

Perfect for your kids? You decide.

Hint: raise your kids were the politicians and their developer chums raise their kids.

georgetheatheist said...

What kind of moron would want to get even one drop of East River shpritzed on him? There'll be shower facilities at the dock's edge with lockers?

Anonymous said...

Idiotic and dangerous idea. Does the half-brained councilman think he's living in a resort area? Pay attention to your real constituents, 99.9% of whom would never dare venture onto a dangerous waterway in a kayak.

The Flushing Phantom said...

And wasn't John Liu and Toby Ann Stavisky going to kyack in the Flushing River after it was cleaned up? Political shit runs deep and the dredging would be impossible. Anyway, where does one ship all the shit...to the moon?

Jerry Rotondi said...

I wouldn't consider going water sporting in any New York waterway , without wearing a hazmat suit.

Anonymous said...

Gag! In order to have an eco dock you have got to have clean water. Google the old "Tidy Bowl" toilet disinfectant commercial ....where the little man boats in the toilet tank. Is this what you've got in mind for Astoria Cove, Mr. Costa?

georgetheatheist said...

Toilet tank water is pre-flush, i.e. clean. Post-flush is e-e-e-w-w. That's what Costa wants to kayak in.

Joe said...

Perhaps they will put the canoes on leashes like dogs because YOU KNOW weekend worriors become experts in stupidity once out on the water LOL.

Current, wind is too strong and unpredictable in that "bottle neck" area. No match for some amateur paddling some $200 plastic canoe or ocean kayak.
Deaths and lawsuits galore because people will be stupid !!!!
For starters passing garbage barges leave a deep 1/4 mile hole in the water (it's scarey to see in a 27 foot boat)
--in a kayak your dead !!