Saturday, December 13, 2014

A bum ride at Jamaica Center

The E- train was sitting in the Jamaica Station for a few minutes as straphangers gathered on the platform. The day 12/10/14 was gloomy with intermittent drizzles. Straphangers appeared un-energetic after yesterday's record breaking all-day rainfall.

The train opened its doors around 9:04 a.m. Slowly, straphangers began boarding. Then, suddenly there was a burst of energy. Straphangers were quickly exiting cars and boarding the next.

This maneuver continued for few cars. I entered to inquire; what a mess, it was: car # 9411 had a brown drainage that looked like feces from diarrhea with a bum at the other end. Another bum was taking-up an entire six-seater. The car possessed a faint scent......

Car #9411 -- shit? & bum
This bum had the car all to himself. Straphangers could not breathe; literally that is.
car # 9412 fully occupied by the one bum.
Car # 9499. He kept scratching, by this time the doors were closing. Straphangers could not escape.
Ms. Velazquez, you are the counsel at the borough president's office; where Melinda Katz is the borough president. Ms. Boranian, you are the liaison. Daneek Miller you are our councilman.

You all have the opportunity to speak to the wise men of the MTA. Please expound the riding conditions to them, on behalf of Queens riders/VOTERS/residents.

This is yet another environment where our health is at risk. Take these bums off our trains. The purpose of MTA is transportation, NOT a shelter.

Furthermore, Jamaica Center is the first station leaving from Queens for Manhattan. The trains ought to be cleaned and disinfected before take off.

As for MTA board member, Mr. Charles Moerdler who believes banning bag backs is the answer, for making more space for straphangers. Well wise guy, you can have these tax payers' spaces for you and your whole family.

Madam Katz, please take a trip on the trains. Experience the shit your constituents have to endure. This is all before a hard day's work.

Team P/J: CleanUpJamaicaQueens.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the officers of the Joe Moretti fan club!

Anonymous said...

The E train has always been popular with the homeless because aside from being a long ride (therefore more time between the end of the line when workers allegedly clean the cars), it remains underground for the entire trip, so it is warmer. You would think that the MTA would know this by now.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Sometimes you just got to go! And don't I photograph well!

Anonymous said...

Vibrant Diversity!

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why we dont have work camps we can send these people to, or more humanely, euthanasia should be an option.

These are defective people, and should be treated as such. They have zero chance of ever being positive contributors to society, so why keep them around???

Queens Crapper said...

Because we aren't Nazis?

Anonymous said...

The problem is these people cannot live in peace with other people that's why they go for this solitary existence. They cannot live with the rules in the shelter system, so they get kicked out. They hate each other. They hate the riders. They hate themselves. They have a past but they don't have a future.

Anonymous said...

It's easier for liberals to protest police brutality than to enforce the law as far as mentally disturbed minority homeless individuals are concerned.

Anonymous said...

These are either druggies or those who bounce in and out of prison because of mental health issues.