Sunday, December 21, 2014

CB5 reverses course on summer party palace

Back in September, I posted the item about CB5 rejecting the liquor license for the hipster party venue in Ridgewood. But now they changed their minds.

Let the 311 complaints begin.


Anonymous said...

Hipsters,hipsters, hipsters!

JQ said...

looks like some on the board got afflicted with the ebola hipster strain.the concerns of hard working tax paying people gets trumped by the frivolous spending,endless partying needs of generation gentrification

the pestilence reap what you sow.

what cb5,do you think james franco and taylor swift are going to come to ridgewood and hang out?fucking sellouts.

Anonymous said...

Donations! Donations! Donations!

Anonymous said...

How much did it cost to pay them off? Thought they were supposed to help protect our quality of life. My bad! This is why they should be term-limited.