Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Because they won't be raising families here

From the Queens Courier:

...new rental apartments in the borough tend to be smaller studios and one-bedrooms as opposed to larger two- and three-bedroom apartments, according to a report released Thursday by Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

Smaller apartments took more of the market share in November when compared to October, and when compared to November of 2013, according to the firm’s monthly analysis, which tracks rentals in northwest Queens.

In November, 76 percent of new apartments were studios and one bedrooms, compared to 71 percent in October, and just 60 percent in November of last year.


Anonymous said...

You can raise at least two families in a space like that - and in Queens, this is probably already happening everywhere.

Don't vote and need lots of services provided by the rank and file of Joe's 'Organization'.

Anonymous said...

I was raised in a 1 br with 5 people (including myself) in Flushing.

Wasnt the best but its no big deal.Im still alive and working today.

Anonymous said...

The one bedroom apartment isn't that bad. Just don't let more than two people live in it.