Monday, December 15, 2014

State throws more money down the toilet

From the Times Ledger:

The state announced Thursday The Trust For Public Land won a $433,750 grant to design a roughly 1.5-mile section of the proposed QueensWay.

The Trust for Public Land, a group pushing for creation and preservation of parks across the country, applied for the grant through the New York City Regional Economic Development Council, one of 10 bodies overseen by the state.

The state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation will oversee the $443,750 grant.

The money is slated to fund the complete design of the northern gateway in Rego Park of the proposed QueensWay.


Anonymous said...

How about throwing that money toward fixing up existing parks?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely absurd. The state already awarded almost half a mil for a "feasibility study." I've pestered Trust for Public Land to get a copy and all they seem to have is this giant poster of artist's renderings. What I want to know is how all this crap they want to wedge into the narrow hemmed-in strip is FEASIBLE????

Anonymous said...

Parks cannot even secure and maintain a small sitting park!

Anonymous said...

And if you will notice, the map and images they post omit most of the areas where the Queensway will go through folks back yards!

Frederick Law Olmstead, where are you?

Unknown said...

Whiners what queens needs is a new rail line and fixing the existing tack to make a shuttle train will help so many people by making commuting times a whole lot less

notice it seems only white people are in the pictures where a rail line will help all new yorkers.

JQ said...

where is phil goldfeder on this?since what's going on is the state is claiming dibs to make it a stupid unnecessary elevated park instead of renovating it for something that is useful and needed considering recent reports on overcrowded trains and the delays that are causing them.

cuomo and all the electeds and these self-proclaimed friends of this project are scum.willfully oblivious of the needs of the citizenry and the infrastructure that's rotting.