Friday, December 12, 2014

Precinct lines to stay as is

From DNA Info:

Two precincts currently patrol Roosevelt Avenue through Corona, Elmhurst and Jackson Heights — the 115th on the north side, and the 110th on the south side.

Sen. Jose Peralta sent a letter to Commissioner Bill Bratton in November requesting they redraw the lines and have just one precinct monitor both sides of the avenue, though he didn't specify which one.

"A dividing line running miles down the center of a busy street makes no sense and almost certainly stretches resources thin," Peralta wrote.

"It also makes it more difficult to institute community policing measures when smaller neighborhood enclaves are split in half."

Bratton replied days later saying the lines were fine as they are.


Anonymous said...

Jeez, I wonder if Bratton cleared this decision with his boss Al Sharpton?

Anonymous said...

Open Question to those reading this: Do you think at his age he may wake up one day and say to himself "I don't need this shit." or will his Professionalism, Dedication and Pride carry him through?

Anonymous said...

A couple more dead blacks and DB will have sharpton replace him anon.

Anonymous said...

peralta, how about resoring some of the manpower cuts to both civilian and uniformed ranks?

Anonymous said...

Bratton is "dead man walking": The next unarmed black killed by the police will be the trigger for his resignation. So. its only a matter of time.

Al Sharpton is collecting the resumes now to have his replacement ready.

Anonymous said...

You have more than twice as many cops per capita as anywhere but DC. Any would want more cops? City can't afford bullshit make work for police anymore. ~8 billion a year. Ridiculous waste of money.