Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Knowing what's important

Immigrants! Gays! Food! Gays!

(I also like the outdated shot of Queens Center.)

Compare this to Van Bramer's video, which mentions none of the above:


georgetheatheist said...

Not only have the CM's been subjected to EIT's, these videos are subjecting us to them. KSM would have squealed faster listening to this annoying piano video accompaniment than any sort of waterboarding.

Nice going Dromm. At 00:28 showing the American flag dragging through the dirt.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Who at the City Council or the Mayor's office thought that doing this was a good idea? What a waste of time, money and video tape!!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be bragging about the project housing in my district If I was a council member. Also, I wouldn't be bragging about how many third worlders I have living in my district either. I think both of them are full of shit! There is nothing good about anywhere in nyc. These are quite sad videos if that's all the good things you can find to say about the district that you oversee!

JQ said...

ooh a rite aid,old camera

was that Alexander's in dromm's

did they start wasting our tax dollars on these videos when they couldn't come up with abbreviation/texted versions of our towns.(remember fsng mdws,fsthls)?

Anonymous said...

The two of them are just soooooooo cute.

Chester the Dog said...

These videos make Queens look pretty shabby.

ron s said...

After seeing 5 of these district intros, my overall reaction is sadness. These sorry representatives, all full time paid council members, put together introductions inferior to what a bright Junior High School student in their district could put together in between dinner and homework.

Anonymous said...

Van Bramer's tone is soooo crisp and condescending.

Thought the city center is in a playground between Bushwick and Bed-Sty but I guess we lost a few acres during the recent storms.

Anonymous said...

No comment about Van Bramer?

Everyone else gets one.

Noah Zuss said...

What are you people talking about? These angry comments are just more proof that people that read this site regularly are simply mad about anything and everything, and are willing to lash out at almost anyone.

Really seemed harmless to me. A'so, there really isn;t anything called 'videotape' to 'waste' money on, and it was a minute, how much time could CM Dromm and staff have really even devoted to this. Surely it wasn't much, or a large waste of time. Get it together folks.

Anonymous said...

"These angry comments are just more proof that people that read this site regularly are simply mad about anything and everything, and are willing to lash out at almost anyone."

Right, the production time for these was only probably about 2 weeks or so. The videographer, the editor, the web specialist, etc. THOSE are the people that wasted money and time. All for what? Something "harmless"? What the fuck was the purpose of these videos and who is going to see them other than the people who read this blog, and that's only because the Crapper caught wind of them? That is the real question.

Noah Zuss said...

Okay, I'll take the bait.

Reasons why the 'videos' are not the worst idea ever, and probably not that much of a waste of time or money:

1. They might help promote the areas.

2. They are online I assume, therefore anyone around the globe with an Internet connection can see them.

3. I'm pretty sure many others are aware they exist, it was probably reposted because it would get a reaction.

Why, I have no idea.

Queens Crapper said...

1) A 1-minute generalized video isn't promoting anything but the council member

2) Where else have you seen these posted? Exactly. I posted them to show everyone what the priorities of this council are.

3) I'm sure some kid in Bangladesh is crying after seeing these videos, wishing he could live here.

nzuss said...

How do these/this speak to their priorities in office.

Do you really think you 'discovered' them?

You actually believe kids in Bangladesh don't want to live here, or improve their own country to live a better life, or are they just worthless, lazy 'third worlders' (to use an incredibly offensive term thrown around on here often).

Stay classy, QueensCrap(ers)!

Queens Crapper said...

They don't speak to their priorities in office, that's the point. And I'm sure kids in Bangladesh would love to live here, but considering a whole lot of them don't speak English and likely don't own computers, I doubt they tuned in to hear what Dromm has to say. And I have no idea what them improving their own country has to do with these videos. You hacks need some new shtick.