Friday, December 26, 2014

Judge tosses JFK runway lawsuit

From the Daily News:

An appeals court rejected a lawsuit by homeowners in Queens seeking to stop the Port Authority from expanding a runway at Kennedy Airport.

The Eastern Queens Alliance argued in its federal lawsuit that the runway project would result in more noise for residents near the airport.

“We understand the concerns expressed by members of certain communities near the airport,” the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled on Tuesday, stating each of the alliance’s objections was either not raised early enough or were “unfounded.”


Anonymous said...

the problem is that it was filed by homeowners, not politicians who select the judges.

since the pols got bribed, er donations, and their homeboys got that cement contract, the homeowners have no option but have the pols responsible for this run unopposed in their district.

that is what happens when you accept a machine running your life. most of the developed world has moved on from this treatment decades ago.

Anonymous said...

It was obvious that the lawsuit would be tossed out: the NextGen law that Congress passed gives the FAA the right to ignore environmental objections and not to do any environmental impact studies.

Anonymous said...

Once again the citizens get screwed by big business and politicians.

Anonymous said...

Can they do a further appeal? this is not good.