Friday, December 12, 2014

Drunken vandals caught

From the Queens Chronicle:

The two men who trashed part of a World War II memorial in Woodhaven while in a supposed drunken haze have been caught, according to community leaders.

"WE GOT THEM," the Woodhaven Business Improvement District posted on its Facebook page. "We have been notified that the two perpetrators that stole our Wreath and American Flags from our World War II Monument on our Forest Parkway Plaza Area only to destroy our Wreath and desecrate our American Flags have been arrested."

The post states that the two men are "unfortunately" Woodhaven residents.

And in other positive war memorial news, the Captain Malcolm Rafferty monument featured in this post has been restored by NYC Parks and Newtown Historical Society.


Anonymous said...


I wish someone would post their names and addresses.

Captain Renault said...


Bien sûr!


The Captain extends his regards to the boys of the 102nd Precinct for some excellent police work.

"These two may be from Woodhaven but they are NOT Woodhaven People,"

Mais oui, this is regrettably so, and even though the Captain's English is not so good, he can read between the lines and understand the meaning of this sentence.

The Captain would like to remind all Queens residents as usual:


Anonymous said...

Off with their heads!!