Thursday, December 25, 2014

Beware of who washes your car!

From the Daily News:

A dopey Queens car wash employee mistakenly slammed his foot onto a car's gas pedal instead of the brake — and ended up plowing into four lanes of traffic.

Dramatic dashboard camera footage shows the 2009 Lexus IS250 first being slowly driven through the cleaning machines in Long Island City, reports

As the vehicle emerges from the garage, however, it suddenly lurches forward.

The driver is heard swearing in Spanish as the car narrowly avoids hitting another customer and speeds across the road.

It sideswipes one vehicle before finally coming to a stop on the opposite sidewalk.


Anonymous said...

The car wash employee's footwear was probably covered with wax residue causing his foot to slip off the brake and onto the gas. This almost happened to me after having my car washed in Glendale. I get in my car and the brake pedal was slick as ice. Shiny wax residue covered both pedals - either from the attendant's feet or my own. I had to wipe down the pedals with Windex and dry them off with a rag before proceeding.

Anonymous said...

It also happens to me when I wear heavy boots during the winter.
The slippery weather combined with cold-numb toes along with thick-soled boots which have no sense of feeling or orientation can be quite dangerous sometimes.
Ive had many close calls because of this.