Sunday, December 14, 2014

There's a house under there somewhere

From the Queens Chronicle:

An Auburndale house that has practically been engulfed by overgrown foliage has became a thorn in the side of neighbors on Utopia Parkway.

Built in 1925, the two-level residence at 32-51 Utopia Pkwy. was converted to two apartments about 20 years ago. Since then, the owner, Michael C. Lee, has received citations for the overgrown conditions and trash in the front yard as well as rats on the property.

Neighbors say they don’t think anyone lives there, but that the property is cleaned up once or twice a year, the owner is believed to pay the fines and nothing changes. Despite calls to area elected officials and 311, raccoons, opossums and rats are spotted regularly on the grounds, which quickly returns to the neglected condition.

According to Community Board 11 District Manager Susan Seinfeld, there have been numerous complaints about the Utopia house. In the past, the Health and Sanitation departments have been called in to eliminate the rats and clean the grounds.


Anonymous said...

At least he pays the fines and
did not cement the whole yard !

Anonymous said...

Rather have raccoons than some of the people moving into Queens!

The city should force non-resident owners to sell or confiscate and auction off abandoned properties.

With the housing crisis in NYC this should not be allowed! You would never see this crap in another large city!

Anonymous said...

I haven't looked recently, but someone was living there over the past year or two because you could see the tire tracks through the overgrown grass/weeds in the "driveway".

Anonymous said...

I love this property AS IS. Its the continual statist collectivist enterprise that seeks to homogenize a concrete urban sprawl which I despise.

Anonymous said...

I would take that any day over the fedders brick box crap being built all over Queens.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of our political leadership failing Queens.

Quality of life stuff is something that gets in the way of fund raising and trolling for votes.

Strong well run communities stand in the way of development and satisfying bribes, er campaign donations.

Besides, Honest Joe Crowley lives far away from this so he doesn't give two shits for your problem.

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 4: English translation, please?

Anonymous said...

There you go, they live here the same way they used to live in the slums they come from their native country.

Anonymous said...

"I love this property AS IS. Its the continual statist collectivist enterprise that seeks to homogenize a concrete urban sprawl which I despise."

There are several other houses (one house off the south west corner of 161 Street and 35 Avenues is one) in the area that are overgrown and I happen to appreciate their back to nature look. Don't know about the rats though.

Anonymous said...

1) bring an Art. 81 against the owner

2) get an air gun and get some of these critters in your stew pot - good eating!

Anonymous said...

Air gun? You sound full of hot air yourself bub.