Friday, December 26, 2014

Dope who threatened cops arrested

From WPIX:

A man who allegedly made threats to kill police officers was stopped in his tracks Wednesday, officials said.

Elvin Payamps, 38, was allegedly on his cell phone at TD Bank on 79-55 Metropolitan Avenue when a male witness overheard him having a conversation about killing cops and having firearms at his house.

The witness notified police who reported to the bank after Payamps left. They transmitted a description of the man over the department radio, and then canvassed the area for him.

During the search, a man fitting the description of Payamps was found entering a vehicle at 66-26 Metropolitan Avenue.

Uniformed officers in a marked patrol car followed him. After a short distance, they conducted a car stop at Metropolitan Avenue and Rentar Plaza. During the stop, they found a small bag of marijuana in plain view in the front seat of the vehicle.

Police identified the man as Payamps, arrested him and brought him to the 104th Precinct in Queens for further investigation.

They went to his home on Edsall Avenue and obtained verbal and written consent from his spouse to search the home.

Police uncovered two firearms, two bullet proof bests, brass knuckles and a holster. Payamps has since been charged with three counts of criminal possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of marijuana.


Anonymous said...

>> Overheard him threatening officers on the phone

>> Found him later with marijuana a in plainview

>> Go to his home

>> Guns

Really ?

Plainview marijuana.... Hilarious

Anonymous said...

Good for that citizen for calling it in.

Anonymous said...

Given this mutts rap sheet I don't think anyone will miss him if he goes away for a few years.

Anonymous said...

Vibrant and diverse

Anonymous said...

To all Law Enforcement Agencies/Police
Effective Immediately
We the Tax Paying Caucasian Majority here by Grant all Law Enforcement Agency’s the Right and Absolve from any Law Suit or Prosecution for the Profiling of or Death of Any Stupid White Vandal/Looter/Arsonist who puts A Police Officer or Working Man/Women/Child of ANY RACE in Danger of Death or Bodily Injury.
As you know No Hands Up Member or Race Hustler like Al Sharpton will protest the death of white Idiots who have joined the Ranks of the Grievance Industry in the hopes of reliving the 1960′s, signed by Americans who Support Police.
Please copy and paste this Declaration in Every Web Site you Visit, Thank You.

IXXINY on December 26, 2014 at 1:10 PM

Anonymous said...

With the new law in NYC not to cooperate with Homeland, I wonder if the police has the right to inquire if he is legal.

Anonymous said...

As a white American I support all #blacklivesmatter members of the African American community who assault stupid lazy white interlopers who believe that their grievance “White Guilt”gives them the same rights to riot,loot and attack police in the name of Michael Brown sarc on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks that this terrorist was a dumb one. Hang him out to dry.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have shotgun ,get one . Learn how to use it. Good locks, good lighting,and all the survivalist gear you need. The cops are going back to reactive mode.what taht means is they will eventually get to a scene and take a are on your own. You know, like it was in the late 80's and early 90's. Oh you mean you don't remember because you were 3 yrs old growing up in Iowa? Well welcome to fun city , and the fun is about to start. Brought to you by clueless, pandering politicians.