Saturday, December 13, 2014

Developer looking to unload Dutch Kills hotel

From the Queens Courier:

The owner of a controversial, partially constructed hotel in Dutch Kills is selling the structure.

Residents protested and even sued to stop construction of the nine-story boutique hotel on 39-35 27th St. in the Long Island City neighborhood in 2010, according to published reports.

But now, with more than 20 new hotels opened over the last five years, the area has become a hot hotel market, and owner Steven Baharestani of Dutch Kills Partners LLC is hoping to sell the yet-to-be completed hotel to the highest bidder.


Nora From Dutch Kills said...

Thanks George. Great work on bringing families into our community. You said nothing that they would be housed in homeless shelters after the hotels take a second breath. Well your civic is in trouble after you and your sidekick Jerry stepped down after the damage was done.

you did a great job with your public service at the library - great role model for the local kids that go there.

Love the millstones at the plaza - everytime I see a bum sitting on them I remembered how you called them 'just rocks' and got all our goofy politicians to support you. Thanks Mike! Thanks Cathy! and a special thanks to Jimmy, our local boy who has a special place in everyone's heart.

And Steinway Street? What happened to the stores George? But CALDC does have a nice office.

And where is Santa to kick of the holiday season. Why did you move everything away from us to Astoria Park? Helping the developers at the cost of the community eh?

And don't get me started by on that community board.

How much damage can one person do?

But this is Astoria, Queens. NYC's answer to West Virginia (and my apologies to those in the Mountain State)

Anonymous said...

And who pray tell are using these so called hotels? And why do many of them have hourly rates ? Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Why not fill it with vibrant diverse welfare recipients?

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Nora. Such a lovely post. George and his good buddy Jerry have been like a pair of warts on the face of the neighborhood for a long long time. The zoning fiasco was the very pinnacle of avarice and stupidity. And his big-eared library buddy Jimmy is another piece of work.
This Hotel should never have been built. The foundation was NOT in place before the zoning deadline and what was there needed to be shored and reinforced up the wazoo. If that monstrosity is still standing in a year I'll be amazed.
Anyone who walks past that thing regularly should order one of those little umbrellas Wylye Coyote always put up when a boulder was falling his way. You can probably order one from ACME. They have same day delivery.