Thursday, December 18, 2014

This is what DeBlasio considers to be affordable?

From the Daily News:

Only in New York could you win an “affordable housing” lottery and still wind up paying almost $3,500 a month in rent.

Mayor de Blasio broke ground on a housing complex near Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Monday, where most units will run between $2,500 and $3,500 a month.

More than half the units at Pacific Park — formerly Atlantic Yards — will be set aside for “middle-income” New Yorkers — defined as earning 121% to 165% of citywide median income. Families of four whose income is between $100,681 and $138,435 will qualify.

By comparison, middle income for a family of four is defined as $94,560 in Philadelphia, and $72,400 to $88,300 in Chicago.

The Brooklyn tenants will pay 30% of their income for rent — the standard for all affordable housing, regardless of income. That will bring the rent as high as $3,461.


Anonymous said...

this is to me Robin hood robbing the public

Anonymous said...

By those standards, my family is well below "middle class," and our income comes from a city job at top pay.

We're Queens - We Can't Have Nice Things said...


You can't define middle income this way - perhaps 90% to 110% of the median would be equitable - but not 121% to 165%!

These numbers are also totally inflated as they do not include the people working off the books (most of Queens) making, at best, minimum wage!!!

Also - the generally accepted rule of thumb was always that your rent should not exceed 25% of your gross income - not 30%.

They're just effing with the math to justify their obscenely bloated rental demands!

Anonymous said...

Di Finocchio is nuts.

Anonymous said...

A family of 4 making $100K--and paying taxes--could not afford those rents.

JQ said...

Mayor Big Slow,like most politicos and especially elected ones,are willful oblivious sociopaths.

other observations:

in the daily news newspaper,this article was somewhat buried on page 18,usually something of this magnitude when it involves development and Brooklyn gets a big page with photos.But you don't want to look like your publication is a propaganda tool for realtors or the mayor's office

and I wonder if someone is keeping track of this mayor's promptness when it comes to events he prefers to show on time.No doubt this or anything brooklyn and when he had that hugfest for that ebola hipster doctor.

oh i forgot

fuck gentrified brooklyn

Jerry Rotondi said...

And I thought that Bloomberg was a disaster. Di Blasio is a train wreck!