Friday, December 26, 2014

Avella gets somewhere with DOT

From the Queens Chronicle:

Score two for state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) for getting the city Department of Transportation to take action on two problematic locations in Flushing and Little Neck.

The worst of the two is the area around the Flushing Commons construction project at the former municipal parking lot in Downtown Flushing. Avella and others, including the developer, have complained that lack of signage has backed up traffic on 37th and 39th avenues from Union to Main streets and on Union from Roosevelt Avenue to Northern Boulevard.

In addition, there is no pedestrian walkway on part of Union Street, making it dangerous for people who must walk in the street.

Avella has held two press conferences at the site and met with Queens DOT Commissioner Dalila Hall there seeking solutions to the problems.

On Friday, Avella announced that Hall had agreed to amend a stipulation with the developers to require them to provide traffic control agents for the duration of the construction, which is scheduled through 2021.

Hall has also agreed to install a temporary pedestrian walkway on Union Street.

In Little Neck, Hall has OK’d partial resurfacing and repair of Depew Avenue. It is scheduled to be completed in January.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Tony. The lack of spine with CB7 and Peter Koo, etc. led to the selling off of a badly needed municipal parking lot. So shall ye sow, so shall ye reap, you dumb crooked local elected officials.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Depew Avenue just a few blocks? Anyone have pictures of how bad it is that it was worth spending money on? Was it really not passable at slow speeds (<10 mph) by cars?

Queens Crapper said...

"Susan Seinfeld, district manager of Community Board 11, who participated in a recent inspection with the DOT and Avella, said Depew is an old thoroughfare without a base and the surface has deteriorated so much that the dirt underneath is encroaching on the street."

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for something more descriptive of crapper. Small streets that function as little more than private driveways for maybe a few dozen homes don't have to be paved speedways, even if it was just a gravel or dirt road it would be fine - better to spend limited funds on arterials used by tens of thousands everyday. What was so bad about Depew?

Anonymous said...

At least some politicians get the DOT to take action.

It took two years to get the DOT to paint turn only and straight only lanes on the south bound corner of 69th street and east bound Queens Midtown expressway.

Dizzy Lizzy's office would only say they had no control over the situation.

Anonymous said...

Why does Tony have to do everything? Is he the only politician that does any work in Queens?


Tony for Mayor! Paul Graziano for Queens BP!

Kevin Walsh said...

I also wrote his office to see about a large unpaved section in the Little Neck LIRR parking lot that was causing huge puddles in rainy weather and likely large ice sheets if it gets cold.

His office got back to me and the section was asphalted last week.

Anonymous said...

That area around Flushing Commons is actually in Stavisky's district, not Avella.

Anonymous said...

Tony for Mayor yes that's a good idea
he's a perfect man for that job.

Anonymous said...

I know it's in Stavisky's district. I was making a general point.

Joe said...

Another "Flip Flop" politition with no balls..I donated to him like a SUCKER and all he did was SCHMOOZE !!
At this point we need leaders with real guts willing to risk it all VS "playing ball" with underhanded shit and garbage !