Friday, March 14, 2014

Landlords owe a heap of dough to NYC

From the NY Post:

The owners of 20,898 buildings owe New York City more than $555 million in back taxes, emergency repairs and water bills, according to the Department of Finance.

While the dollar figure enough to pay for pre-K, Mayor de Blasio’s pet project, it is actually 24 percent lower than in May 2013, according to the 60-day lien sale list released by city department to The Post.

The number of buildings 60 days or more behind on the tax and repair bills fell by 10 percent, the list showed.

The decline in the number of buildings in arrears and the amount owed to the city, experts said, is the result of the current feeding frenzy by the real estate industry to buy and redevelop properties.

That business activity is bringing fresh capital and investment to areas where previous owners were unable to keep up with debts and repairs on aging stock, the experts said.

The real amount owed to the city could be higher. The city typically culls properties with high lien-to-value ratios, or other issues, such as government-owned land, before producing the list.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the city of developers who don't believe in paying their taxes! Good luck finding a lot of those developers because quite a few of them are from other countries!

Anonymous said...


Get a ticket for drinking in public: $25, and don't pay the fine/miss the court date and watch them send the warrant squad to your house in a few weeks.

Not only that, when they warrant squad arrives if you "resist" in anyway or even give them a little static their going to whoop your ass all across your home and trump up your charges.

But you can be delinquent on $100,000 repair bills, NO PROBLEM.

Jewish landlords...errrrr scumlords.

Anonymous said...

People are confusing landlords with the new crap developers - they're not one and the same.

A lot of landlords in NYC are broke and their heating bills are killing them. And a lot of them are scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2:

Yeah, of course, we're all greedy landlords, you anti-Semitic troll. And there are no greedy gentile landlords.

J said...

where does shalom think he's doing?building illegal settlements,trying to treat the residents of catskills like they do to the palestinians in Israel?

and to those townspeople,they are heroes.all you longtime real queens and brooklyn people take notice,investigations can be done with enough persistence.and all those yellow hack elected sellouts,let this be a warning.

j said...

(disregard that last comment,that was pasted there by mistake.)

I hope the attorney general read this story,maybe print this article and find a way to shove it in the bubble encasing the Blaz's new EDC

Anonymous said...

About time to go after them and yes it's landlords and developers.

Anonymous said...

When duPlicio get his rent control, property prices will fall to 1977 levels, accompanied by all the delayed foreclosures and all the foreigners leaving as the dollar strengthens. Then all the Koreans will buy everythingup dirt cheap!