Thursday, March 27, 2014

NYC schools are pretty segregated

From Crains:

New York state has the most segregated public schools in the nation, with many black and Latino students attending schools with virtually no white classmates, according to a report released Wednesday.

The report by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California at Los Angeles looks at enrollment trends from 1989 to 2010.

In New York City, the largest school system in the U.S. with 1.1 million pupils, the study notes that many of the charter schools created over the last dozen years are among the least diverse of all, with less than 1% white enrollment at 73% of charter schools.

"To create a whole new system that's even worse than what you've got really takes some effort," said Gary Orfield, co-director of the Civil Rights Project and an author of the report.

He and his fellow researchers say segregation has the effect of concentrating black and Latino students in schools with high ratios of poor students compared with the statewide average. Black and Latino students who attend schools that are integrated by race and income level perform significantly better than their peers in segregated schools, the authors note.

The study suggests that New York's segregation is largely due to housing patterns, but that it could be mitigated through policies intended to promote diversity.


Anonymous said...

WTF are they talking about. There are no white kids (OK perhaps a handful) under age 10 in most them neighborhoods and schools mentioned.

Anonymous said...

After all of this diversity crap being pushed all over our city and our schools are still segregated??? How can this be?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it has everything to do with housing patterns. The black people stay in black communities or Hispanic communities, the white people stay in the white communities and the Asians stay in the Asian communities and so on. This wasn't like this when I went to school. In bayside back in the 80s and 90s, I went to school with a lot of black students and had black neighbors all my life until recent years. I had a lot of nice, classy black neighbors who always looked after me. I loved them. Then most of them sold out to Asians in recent years and took that money and moved down south and some of them passed and their kids sold the houses or rented the houses out. Bayside will never be the same. There's no more community. All I get is neighbors who don't speak English anymore and there's not many nice families on the block, most houses are rentals. Also, Asians will never sell to any other race but their own kind or to a really rich white person. Not to mention that homes are not affordable in NYC anymore, so when the developers build, they will either rent out or sell for way too much money. NYC is not what it use to be.

Anonymous said...

NYC also had a hand in segregating schools. If you tell people that it's OK to put signs and up in all different languages, you are promoting segregation because those people will flock to the areas where the stores will speak their language, hence, they will buy houses in the area. If NYC promoted speaking English and fining some of these stores for not writing their store signs in English, then maybe more people of different races will actually buy houses in that area. People will live where they feel wanted and not looked down upon. Tell the spanish and Asians to stop writing their signs in other languages and stop being so racist when other races walk into their stores, then maybe you can crack this barrier. Until that happens, I see it never changing.

Anonymous said...

Are we going to bus children from their own neighborhood to far away schools, like we did under Mayor Lindsay, to make the schools less segregated?

Anonymous said...

My dark skinned Hispanic raised by an italian some recently graduated from Bayside high
He had four great years with close white, black, middle eastern and other kids from all over the world and all different skin tones. Bayside as all other high schools are very much mixed. And oh yeah his last year two black males one of which was in class with him, robbed him of his cell phone and assaulted him. Yes he was in his class and he was black. You make your own conclusions.

Also this article speaks more of the community elementary and middle schools. Which are community based.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the current mayor has a solution for this.

"Your turn Bill"
"Thank you Alex. I'll start with the "Socialist Agendas category."
"$800,000,000 per year."
"That's easy. What must I steal from the city and state taxpayers for bussing all NYC schoolchildren to achieve my progressive leftist social engineering ideology."

Anonymous said...

White middle class families have the most mobility and a wide choice of majority white neighborhoods outside of New York to move to with good to great schools.

The age spectrum of white NYC is different as well: You have young white umarrieds in Queens for the proximity to their job in Manhattan and the white elderly in apartments they have lived in for 50 years.

For blacks and Hispanics the pattern repeats. Some of them are bold enough to move to mostly white neighborhoods and not be surrounded by blacks and Hispanics where they live.

The WTF reaction to this article is that public schools reflect the populations of children and not the entire age spectrum. We don't have a white public school a block away from an all black public school in a neighborhood that's 50/50 black/white. That's not the 2014 reality here.

Anonymous said...

White kids? In NYC? Most whites have been pushed out of the City or fled.

When I attended Bowne we had forced busing - black kids from Jamaica. Maybe they should start busing Asians from Flushing all over Queens.

Anonymous said...

There are only a handful of white kids left in North Flooshing and most of them go to private schools.

I've heard stories where Asian mothers don't want their kids socializing with Caucasians because of their shitty work ethic and overall stupidity. I believe it! Sad but true. One can only imagine what they think of blacks and Latinos!

Anonymous said...

My nephew is a smart Caucasian kid and he goes to public school. Top marks in his class, first place in science fairs, etc..

An Asian mother asked my sister if her son could have a play date with the boy. My sister told her that she didn't do play dates and if the kid wanted to come over she should by all means let him.

The kids became friends and the Asian mom asked if my nephew would like to take karate classes. My sister replied that he was talking boxing lessons and liked that sport better.

The Asian mother was aghast! She asked how she could allow her son to partake in such a hideously violent and depraved sport?

May sister asked how she could allow her son to study such a violent sport as karate and how she could allow her son to show false obeisance to the instructor?

The Asian mom said it was part of her culture and taught the boy respect.

My sister said that boxing taught her son how to defend himself and in our culture respect is a virtue that responsible parents, not some hired hand, teach to their children.

Needless to say the Asian mom doesn't let her boy hang out with my nephew anymore.

Anonymous said...

it isnt as though the government is imposing segregation, there are no "Jim Crowe" laws here! it is a matter of location and population... take a look around!!

Anonymous said...

"black and Latino students attending schools with virtually no white classmates"

because white people don't send their kids to schools here, outside of a select few "cleansed" areas, like Park Slope.

Most head for the hills of Rockland County or out to the sububrbia of Long Island when their kid turns five.

I was a graduate of a NYC public school in the late 90s. In my school, i WAS the white population. My teachers even called me the 'token blonde'

Anonymous said...

Schools were more mixed when the city was the "melting pot" but it has become more of a "salad bowl".

Yes, there are lots of unique ingredients, but they dont really mix.

Thats what happens when you have immigrant groups that come here, live for 40 years, and never learn to speak a language different from their native tongue. They keep to themselves and thus their neighborhoods (and schools) stay that way as well.

Anonymous said...

There are 100 different nationalities in some of these schools, but they are "segregated" because there are no white kids?

Sounds like someone is pushing an agenda.

To liberals "diversity" doesn't mean mixed groups. It means whites mixed with other groups.

georgetheatheist said...

The hypocrisy of the Pledge of Allegiance:

" Nation...indivisible.."

And they chant this at assembly in the public schools.

Anonymous said...

Why do Asians live in flushing but yet their children don't go to flushing high school? There is a small percentage of them going there. Something us wrong!

A Better NYC said...

It doesn't make a difference what the racial make-up is of any NYC public school.....ZERO learning takes place regardless what school you're in!

Our system is the biggest and most worthless in the entire country.

Unknown said...

White isn't what you think according to the form that I recently completed for my child to attend UPK. The "White" race is a person from European, Northern Africa or Middle Eastern background. There is no "other," option on the form. Black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Pan-Asian and White were the ONLY options. Hence, according to the NYC DOE "White," isn't how the Federal Government categories the race. The NYC DOE is doing a disservice as well, so the Middle Eastern/Indian/Egyptian/Moroccan populations, as they are being FORCED to select "White," as their race. Mr. Crapper ... is there anyway you can get some media attention on this issue?

Unknown said...

White isn't what you think according to the form that I recently completed for my child to attend UPK. The "White" race is a person from European, Northern Africa or Middle Eastern background. There is no "other," option on the form. Black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Pan-Asian and White were the ONLY options. Hence, according to the NYC DOE "White," isn't how the Federal Government categories the race. The NYC DOE is doing a disservice as well, so the Middle Eastern/Indian/Egyptian/Moroccan populations, as they are being FORCED to select "White," as their race. Mr. Crapper ... is there anyway you can get some media attention on this issue?

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked Indians were Asians.

Last time I checked Moroccans were Africans and Egyptians were either African and Asian.

Anonymous said...

"Someone has an agenda"
Yup and people in Whitestone, Bayside, park Slope, Maspeth, Glendale better be wearing steel bottomed underwear when the "surprise" comes.
Its a nasty community busting scheme to get white family's who usually own private single family homes to sell and move out by threatening to ship the kids to hell.
Result: More housing for the tweeded who dont mind living 4+ per bedroom
The Lindsay/Johnson logic is BACK AND 100X WORSE!!!

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia...

Caucasian race (also Caucasoid[1] or Europid[2]) is the general physical type of some or all of the populations of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia, Central Asia and South Asia.[3] The term was used in biological anthropology for many people from these regions, without regard necessarily to skin tone.

Caucasian doesn't mean white - it refers to non-Asian and non-negroid features.

Anonymous said...

What is this guy talking about, no white kids in public schools?

Why don't you visit North Flushing and check the edward Bleecker middle school where the neighborhood has always been predominantly white and check the bus stop after school and see all the black and Latino kids waiting for the Q34 towards Jamaica, you can even read Pomonok painted with Sharpie marker on the bus schedule.
You can also go to the Bayside High school where you can barely see a black or Latino living in the vacinity and check after school how many black and Latino kids are waiting for the bus as well.
These are the kids whose parents want for them a better school environment away from their neighborhood and some of their former hoodlum classmates, the only problem is that some of them have become bullies in these schools thus riving away a lot of white kids towards safer neighborhoods and schools.
Do your research before starting to write nonsense.

Unknown said...

Here is the EXACT data right off the NYC DOE website regarding the # of students by race:

Not Reported 2,149 0.21%
HISPANIC 419,784 40.64%
ASIAN 163,810 15.86%
BLACK 271,706 26.30%
WHITE 157,584 15.26%
MULTI-RACIAL 5,563 0.54%

So, only 15% of students are "White." But if you're thinking of European, Russian, etc. that's not accurate.

The word "Caucasian," was NOT used in this article, the word "White," is used in a negative way to identify traditional light skinned people.

When you say "WHITE," I don't think anyone is referencing people from Iraq, Iran, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Libya, etc.

Hence, I don't think it does any group any justice or benefit by grouping us together. There should be a group broken out and defined as "Middle Eastern." I know this will upset those of "Jewish faith," because Israel is in the Middle East, but I think it still should be broken out as another group.