Saturday, March 29, 2014

A reasonable facsimile thereof

Independence Hall, Philadelphia
Queens County Savings Bank, 75-44 Main St
From Brownstoner Queens:

When the Queens County Savings Bank main branch, at Main Street and 76th Avenue, was constructed in 1953, it was meant to be a replica of … Independence Hall in Philadelphia. In fact, it has a Liberty Bell model in the lobby, minus the famed crack.

The Queens County Savings Bank at 75-44 Main Street was erected from 1952-1953 and opened February 15th, 1954. It was considered by locals to be the center of a then expanding village. In 1954, it won a building award by the Queens Chamber of Commerce as part of its annual competition.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info I will stop and admire it's historic resemblance and architecture.

Anonymous said...

You see! Queens DID have taste and brains and balls at one time.

What the hell happened?

Anonymous said...

What happened? Liberalism, essentially. Changes to the immigration laws to allow third worlders to come in. Liberals abandoning the borders for votes/power. Liberals abandoning any sense of financial responsibility. Morality being derided and chucked out the window. Public schools becoming money generators for teachers unions... need I go on?

Anonymous said...

"You see! Queens DID have taste and brains and balls at one time.What the hell happened?"

The Archie Bunkers called them "fruits" "fairys" and "commies" -so they all went to Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Queens Crapper said...

I seriously doubt that was the cause of the decline of Queens.

Anonymous said...

"I seriously doubt that was the cause of the decline of Queens."

I was being facetious. Overall I don't see Queens as declining. I do see/read a lot of the same dead-headed opinions of the young people who are moving in.

This month marks 24 years I had businesses in Queens.

Areas that had become desolate, run down ans somewhat dangerous (Queens Plaza for one) have been modernized and revitalized.

Are some areas getting over-built? Probably. The market will tell.

I can't speak about 30-50 years ago, but as I see the areas I go to, Queens is in much better shape then 15-20 years ago.

Queens Crapper said...

But it's not in better shape than it was 10-15 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised it hasn't been landmarked. Rory, hello?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the info. and I have added a beautiful place on my list to go visit!