Thursday, March 13, 2014

John Liu makes federal case out of matching funds

From the Daily News:

FORMER CITY Controller John Liu took the Campaign Finance Board to court Wednesday, charging that it imposed a “death sentence” on his mayoral candidacy by denying him $3.8 million in public matching funds.

The federal lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, says the board’s “arbitrary” action caused Liu to suffer “extreme mental and emotional anguish” and “incalculable damage” to his “professional reputation and earning potential."

It also claims the denial of funding violated his campaign’s First Amendment right to free speech.

In its Aug. 5 decision, the board cited what it called “pervasive” violations of fundraising laws by Lieu’s campaign.

The decision followed a board investigation and, separately, the convictions of Liu’s campaign treasurer and a contributor for taking part in an illegal fundraising scheme.

But Liu was never charged, and his campaign said the board’s allegations of wrongdoing by his campaign were minor and never proven - while other candidates accused of worse routinely have received public funding.

Hobbled by the lack of money, Liu finished fourth in the Democratic primary on Sept. 10 with just 7% of the vote.

Liu’s lawyer, Richard Emery, said Wednesday that the board “crippled his campaign.”


Anonymous said...

Whatever your opinion is of Liu, the fact remains that on the Campaign Finance Board that denied him funds, sat Christine Quinn, who was running against him for mayor. Coincidence that they denied him funds?

Anonymous said...

"Extreme mental and emotional anguish"

Jeez, where is the box of tissues, I think I'm going to cry.

Anonymous said...

Johnny ....Please go away and leave us all alone already!

Anonymous said...

Buck up bunky.

Consider how money is given out for just about anything its an arbitrary process determined by a host of factors that have nothing to do with its original purpose.

Anonymous said...

John- you shouldn't have tried to cheat! That's all. Buh-bye now.

Anonymous said...

Does Liu still owe fines for his illegal postering on lampposts from his 2009 race?

Anonymous said...

that's what you get for hiring Working Families Party. when will they ever learn?

Anonymous said...

John does still owe all that money for illegally putting his signs on public property in violation f the law. That alone ought to be a reason to deny funds.

Having two of your staff getting convicted of campaign donation violations is a completely valid reson to deny funds.

John is such an deeply, deeply evil person that he avoids obeying the law (campaign signs) and then avoids paying fines for his illegal signs and then when he is not given matching funds when his staff is IN FACT violating campaign laws he cries like a baby.

Get effin lost Johnny. Go away and leave decent people alone.

Anonymous said...

Go away already!