Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jones Beach getting a makeover

From WPIX:

Millions of people visit Jones Beach every year. It is a famous New York destination. And Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday the state will fund a 65 million dollar project to renovate and revitalize the beach and its structures.

The project will take several years and is expected to restore historical details. There will be new restaurants, vendors, sporting venues and an adventure play area. According to the regional director of Long Island state parks, Wayne Horsley, the buildings will be built to withstand flooding and wind.


georgetheatheist said...

I hear they're going to have ziplines. Be nice to have in Queens. (You readin' this Katzele?) Zippin' along Queens Boulevard or Northern? Hanging by one's arms crossin' the Ed Crotch Bridge commootin' to Mid-Town? Weee! What a gas! If your lucky, you'll fall into the East Rivah! Ha-ha-ha.

J said...

what about rockaway cuomo 2?

60 million could speed up the pace for restoring the boardwalk,it looks like jones still has theirs.

this is an outrage,the only way to get to jones is by car,or a long ass bus ride from the lirr,they don't even permit bikes on their still standing boardwalk there.And what businesses are going to get tax breaks or subsidies to build there?

ziplines?what nonsense.with some of that 60 mil they can start the zipline from the jamaica station stop and run it down merrick blvd towards the beach as an alternative to taking the train.

Anonymous said...

which is exactly why i'll probably go to jones beach or fire island this year. way better than NYC beaches

Joe said...

"way better than NYC beaches"

LOL I guess you haven't been to Jones Beach or read any Long Island newspapers last summer. In the past 5 or so years its featured lots of new "urban diversity" from far Rockaway to the crummy South Shore towns like Uniondale, Roosevelt, Freeport, West Hempsted.
Be sure to pack "extra help" and escort your girlfriend, blond teenage daughter or wife to the bathrooms where the gangs & immigrant trash hangs out to meet 'n harass women. Several big fights, shooting's and knifing s last year. (mostly racial stuff between the locals and thugs congregating by every bathroom, staircase & beach ramp to pickup "long island women"

Anonymous said...

I don't know any tourists who say "Yes. I came to NY to go to the beach" ......pretty sad place to pick for a "beach vacation " . The first place I would think of for a beach vacation is the carribean or Hawaii or California, not in ny!

Joe said...

Jones beach is history.
The best beaches in NY are the private ones in Breezy Point and on the North Fork's Peconic Bay.
You must own a home to get a sticker to even park on the road. And the the cops dont put up with any BS or trespassing --they throw people straight in the Southold pokey and seize your car !!