Sunday, March 16, 2014

Melinda talks tourism, Pavilion, transportation, development, Sandy and soccer

You'll notice that she talks about the Rockaways being vulnerable during future storms, but then says it's a great place for new development.

Do these people ever learn?


Anonymous said...

Why no mention of Curtis' ex-wife lawsuit, and the steamy e-mails?

Anonymous said...

Well, whatever you say about her private life, she is a step up over her three predecessors.

And yes, affordable housing of poor people dumped in depressed areas - come on share the wealth - put 'em everywhere! And quit grumbling - you are all Democrats out there, right?

georgetheatheist said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest one of all? Egad and yecch.

Does this "woman" own a dress? Is there such a thing in her wardrobe? With A slovenly-fixed hairstyle and boring spread-wing open-collar look. (Helen Marshall may not have been mentally the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she at least, even in her '80's, presented herself sartorially nicely.) Not only does Katz need a complete stylistic make-over but elocution lessons wouldn't hurt either.

Melinda. You're not a bad-looking lady but currently you're a mode of a mess. And you want to present Queens in a shining light for the world to see? What? With your current fashion sense? A hipper hair-do and heels and hose might go a long way. Not this slovenly style you currently espouse.

There's an old how-to-get-ahead-in business advice: if you want to succeed, dress like your boss. Currently, the Borough Hall staff dresses better than you.

United Hags of America said...

We're inducting her into our organization at a gala next month - Terrace-on-the-Park.

J said...

her contradictory plans for the rockaways make her our own version of sarah palin.if anything her 21 years experience in serving queens shows is her ability in stammering doubletalk.

her recognition of the persistence of the rockaway people smacks of a backhanded compliment.She certainly wants those people to give up and scare them to move because of sandy devastation and future storms,while persuading the new transients/hipsters to look forward to a new improved rockaway with blade runner tower apts.

the frivolous upper class doesn't want to go 100 miles to hamptons to get away anymore,the plan is to glom the rockaways after the next hurricane swallows the beach,then you will see a boardwalk and sturdier sea walls.

Fitzroy said...

Do I detect a lot of 'snark' in the previous comments? Her comments were reasonable and balanced. Her background in the Council will stand her in good stead especially when it comes to transportation.

The greatest problem Queens has is the population density that new development creates. Schools, transportation, sewers, sanitation, hospitals are all impacted adversely by uncontrolled development.

We can work together for a better Queens or sink together. Our choice.

Anonymous said...

Please everyone check out acccomplishments in City Council and State Assembly - Should not take too long - The best idea is to do this before you vote for anyone.

Anonymous said...

"You'll notice that she talks about the Rockaways being vulnerable during future storms, but then says it's a great place for new development."

Almost without missing a beat. Does she even listen to herself?

Anonymous said...

Here we go with that tiresome Queens tourism bullshit once again.
No tourist is going to waste his time coming to Queens.
This boondocks borough has little to offer except patronage jobs ispecializing in promoting tourism .

Anonymous said...

Yeah like I will forego visiting Radio City in favor of visiting beautifull downtown Flooshing for example.
Come on stop jerking our chains Melinda. concentrate of pulling Sliwas.

Anonymous said...

The skankmeter needle just went off the chart. Melinda, please do something, perhaps a little sun would help.

Anonymous said...

We have the smartest kids in the state, so let's build medical and nanotechnology industry right here in Queens and chase out all the stagnant minds who need rent control to keep them from needing to go home to momma and admit they never made it big in the city!