Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh G, is LIC screwed!

From LIC Post:

The MTA is shutting down the G Train for five straight weeks this summer—between Long Island City and Nassau Ave.

MTA officials told Community Board 2 members last night that the line would be down between Court Square and Nassau Ave/Manhattan Avenue from July 26 through September 1.

The MTA said that it needs to shut down service in order to repair damage caused by Superstorm Sandy. The tunnel that connects Long Island City with Greenpoint was flooded with 3 million gallons of salt water at the height of the storm, according to the MTA.

There will be shuttle service provided during the 5-week shutdown.


Joe Moretti said...

Well everyone, including real estate agencies, are always claiming the greatness of Long Island City, so what is the big deal, you just stay put in your own community for the weekend and admire all the greatness that LIC has to offer.

Anonymous said...

The hipsters will just have to get drunk at home.

Anonymous said...

"Oh G, is LIC screwed!"

No, LIC is NOT screwed.....they are getting SHUTTLE BUS "service".


J said...

I'd like to have a laugh,but this may lead to more of those molly pill colored school buses.

A shout out to the worlds worst transit system for giving some citybred difficulty to these money vomiting idiots.they will know how the other half lives.

Joe in Richmond Hill said...

What is commedable and astounding is that the tunnel was reopened as fast as it was,if ever, after the storm. Thankful it has been running so long since.