Saturday, March 15, 2014

LIC 7 train whinefest continues

Photo from LIC Post
From the Times Ledger:

Harsh words and bad feelings toward the MTA have begun anew following the first of 22 weekends of suspended service on the No. 7 subway line into and out of Long Island City.

In announcing the date of a town hall meeting March 27 but not the time or location, Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Kevin Ortiz provided an update on the marketing campaign that was promised to help boost the local businesses that would be affected by the service shutdown.

“Re the marketing campaign: The ball is in their court. We haven’t received any creative content from the LIC team yet and the deadline was last week,” Ortiz wrote.

Rebecca Trent, owner of the Creek and the Cave Restaurant and comedy club, at 10-93 Jackson Ave., and the founding member of the restaurant association LIC Eateries, was furious.

“We have met every deadline when the MTA gave us specs on what to send. The problem was that they usually gave us 36 to 48 hours’ notice to send images without answering our questions regarding use, duration of campaign and distribution. They also said they needed releases to accompany images, but no matter how many times we’ve asked for them, we still don’t have them,” she said.

City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside) followed with a statement that said, “Now is not the time for finger-pointing that the MTA has chosen to engage in with the local community. The Long Island City community is hurting as a result of the 22 weekends of closures on the 7 line. The least that the MTA could do is work actively with the community on the promises that they have made.

“Instead, we have seen the MTA add insult to injury by suggesting that the slowness of implementation of a campaign is on someone other than themselves. This simple suggestion is shameful and arrogant.”

One restaurant did better because of the suspended service, OpenDoor, at 10-09 Jackson Ave.

Owner Nick Guitart said, “We had our best weekend in six months.”

He explained that LIC residents don’t normally dine locally, preferring Manhattan restaurants near their workplaces.

“Some of the folks that never go out here had no choice but to try out the local restaurants because they couldn’t get to Manhattan,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Get Citi Bike to give the hipsters wheels to ride to LIC. Are there that many hipsters really coming in from Manhattan?
I tend to doubt it. Most of the business comes from hipsters from surrounding hipster territories in Queens.
You can't blame one friggin' train for all of your woes!

kingofnycabbies said...

That it was Open Door's one-year anniversary last Saturday probably didn't hurt their business any.

Anonymous said...

Hipsters , hipsters, hipsters!

Anonymous said...

The mta will never fix the seven train like they are suppose to. They never change the signals, they just keep those same ones and keep fixing them....Let's face it,the mta never actually fixes anything.

Anonymous said...

the shutdowns are to run fiber for the new signal system

Joe Moretti said...

Stop the constant fucking whining about the 7 train. It has been like that for decades. Back them it seemed no one gave a shit because none of the luxury apartments were built then. Now all of a sudden it is a big fucking deal. You have everything there in the neighborhood, so who cares. And no one from Manhattan is coming into LIC, so get real about that.

Anonymous said...

Bash MTA, bash Con Ed. Those pols are always finger pointing to someone else when the real problem is that growing up in the area they know what the service is like - yet still encourage the gullible to move there.

Where can this logic go?

A future of flooding toxic hydocarbons and sewage through juniors nursery? God's fault.

Junior contracting something ugly later in life from that experience? His parent's fault.

Lets face it - no one wants to dine in LIC restaurants on a regular basis.

Ya can't scrub out the shit that soaked into everything after Sandy.

Anonymous said...

The 7 train weekend shut downs don't just effect those who live in LIC. There are those who need the train to get to work on weekends who don't live in LIC. Once the baseball season comes Mets games will also be effected on the weekends as well.
Yes, people actually do come to LIC on the weekends , mostly to go to PS1.
There aren't many hipsters in LIC ,hope that stays that way.
Also , only one restaurant was effected by Sandy, and that was the Crabhouse.
If you have an issue with this place I suggest you go and complain in person.
Good luck

Queens Crapper said...

And that's not true.

J said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

schandenfreude hipsters

this has always been the normal with the weekend service on the MTA.but the worst generation ever has to cry and moan when things get inconvenient for them.You cunts should appreciate the fact that maybe service will be better during the summer,but no!

how does it feel?
how does it feel?

so go shave the pubes of your face
and go binge watch "girls" to whoever is concerned.

Joe Moretti said...

ANON: Yes, people actually do come to LIC on the weekends , mostly to go to PS1.
There aren't many hipsters in LIC ,hope that stays that way.

People from Manhattan rarely come to LIC, and the hipsters who come for PS1 are coming from Brooklyn and they can take the G train.

Anonymous said...

Not that many years ago they spent a lot of money upgrading the tracks/lights, shutting down part of the system for weekend after weekend. And after that, each time it rains, they have signal problems. And now we hear they're re-doing it again? It seems the workmanship that existed from Europe at the turn of the century just isn't there with this current crop of stooges.

Anonymous said...