Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Made in NY", but not always paid in NY

Next time a NY politician asserts that NYC residents who are relentlessly inconvenienced by the film industry should just suck it up because of all the local jobs and revenue it's generating for local businesses, their constituents should just whip out the below photo of a catering truck in Ridgewood with New Jersey plates and ask them to explain it.
With all the filming that's gone on in Queens alone, you'd think our roads and parks would be adequately maintained.


J said...

since they claim made in NY,maybe we should tag these trailers to give it authenticity.

you know what's really outrageous,that the NYPD has a division specifically for film sites,they have autos that say FILM AND TV on the side.I don't know if anyone ever attempted it,but if you dare to use your civil right to walk your daily route home during one of their shoots for blue bloods,they can throw you in the tombs for the night.

Anonymous said...

Come on now, he is just trying to fit in with all of our other "residents" who drive vehicles from North and South Carolina, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Connecticut, Georgia, etc.

Anonymous said...

They way the unions work, the filmmakers couldn't hire a local if they wanted to.

Anonymous said...

Most trucks are registered out of state. I work in the industry, believe me more work is always welcome! Most of the crew in NYC is local, it's always advantageous to hire local for products, and if they do a walk away lunch every one on set will spend money in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think parking was allowed in front of St. Aloysius. But the film industry basically gets what they want.

Several years ago a film was being shot in my neighborhood and a director's assistant demanded that I remove my car from my driveway because it interfered with the shooting.

I told her to get off my property and take a hike.

She came back with an off duty cop and he demanded the same. My response was the same.

Eventually I moved the car for a fee of $500 per day for three days.

Anonymous said...

They don't film in the streets of queens for beauty...they film there for grit. There is no reason to remove the grit the film industry comes here to get.

Anonymous said...

There are also a lot of permanent film installations in Queens. Kaufmann Astoria Studios, Silvercup Studios, SIlvercup East, Panavision, Angel Aerial, and many more smaller stages, and rental houses. A lot of the trucks get parked here too in bonded lots.