Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Storm proof" home proposed for Breezy Point

From the Daily News:

A pair of Australian architects believe they have designed a storm-resistant home of the future in Breezy Point.

The so-called “Bayside Bunker,” a prefab, solar-powered home with debris-proof windows by designers Rayne Fouche and Larissa Searle, bested 19 other submissions to win The Urban Green Council’s R3Build competition Wednesday night.

“We could, in many ways, relate to the geographic character of Breezy Point and the extreme weather conditions,” said Fouche, who with Searle graduated from the University of Queensland. “Living on the east coast of Australia, we have seen extreme floods and coastal erosions, which have destroyed homes and swallowed front yards.”

Designers were asked to envision homes that would fit in the Hurricane Sandy-battered Rockaway neighborhood, where hundreds of structures were destroyed by fire and flood waters.


Gary the Agnostic said...

Everybody's dream house.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool - minimalistic and modern!

Please bring a few to Flooshing! Make a nice change from the Chinese and guinea crap all over the place.

But wait - where are the acrylic columns? And the white plastic fence at the property line? And the paved over front yard with the illegal curb cut?

Sorry - Flooshing doesn't want you. We can't have nice things.

J said...

so starts the gentrification of breezy.

I know,to my knowledge everyone there is white and republican,but this new pandemic like gentrification cares not only for indesirable races and wealth status.It can also go after people's ideological beliefs(say republican or christian)that does not mesh with weatlhier prospective tenants(progressive,green,buddhism or atheism)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm crazy, but I like that! Where can I get the plans?

Anonymous said...

the shutters look good to me. best to close up while the looters are about for protection.

not everyone is a Republican in Breezy Point, "J".
I see no problem with this being a white area. We already have lots of black areas.

your point taken though and agreed.

Anonymous said...

Is this box of tin going to stop a storm surge?


Anonymous said...

Storm-resistant? Does that mean it stays intact for an extra 10 minutes when the next Sandy hits?

Anonymous said...

"Storm-resistant? Does that mean it stays intact for an extra 10 minutes when the next Sandy hits?"

That's correct-- or maybe another hour or two. The "storm proof" model is located at 2000' in the Adirondacks, capiche?