Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rash of Howard Beach burglaries

From CBS New York:

A crime spree has left residents of Howard Beach, Queens worried – and homeowners and police have been taking extra precautions.

As CBS 2’s Carolyn Gusoff reported Friday, Howard Beach residents said they feel they are under siege, with at least 10 break-ins in recent weeks. Five homes were targeted in as many days.

“They’re terrified. They’re locking their doors. They’re making sure that the alarm is on while they’re in their homes. They’re making sure that people watch them when they get into their cars,” said Joann Ariola, president of the Howard Beach-Lindenwood Civic Association. “This is not how we live here in this community.”

The community has just been rebounding from Superstorm Sandy, and police said 10 homes have been broken into in the last several weeks. Two of them were occupied at the time.


Anonymous said...

--people stealing because of the easy access to gambling.

Anonymous said...

Look no further than the casino across the way for your answer.....this is exactly what the surrounding communities feared when they opened Resorts.

Anonymous said...

Howard Beach and Ozone Park house values have been dropping ever since the opening of the casino. The same exact effect was felt in Yonkers when their casino opened several years ago . And you can apply the same issue to Atlantic City.

Anonymous said...

Howard Beach has one if the highest rates of legal gun ownership in the city. These genius burglars are going to wind up with asses full of buckshot.

Anonymous said...

-- Italian spoiled brats who got hooked to Roxicontin (opiate derived pain pill) and can't afford their $300 a day habit. After they have stole and squandered their parents money they start robbing their neighbors.

J said...

these crooks could be neighbors of theirs.I can see them using twitter while they are staking out these homes to make sure the coast is clear.Although,that town is very spacious and quiet during the weekdays I can see how those scumbags can get away with this.

that cesspool on the conduit is surely the reason for this.with the loot,they have maybe 24 hours to break even what they lost at the "resort" before they went on their crime spree

of course the nypd continues their habit of overdeployment of one area after poorly responding to a pattern of crime(Five!!!).they can just go over to old howard and rob a few houses there before another command post gets set up there.

and the people interviewed in that segment better realize(now they do)that they are not immune from crime can't be comfortable no matter how close-knit your neighborhood,so lock your doors and windows.

Anonymous said...

Playin' the blame game and trying to say the casino is the cause is plain BS. This mini crime wave that has the ruff tuff wannabes crying like babies will be the work of a neighborhood junkie.

Anonymous said...

Never would be happening if dapper don Gotti was still living there. seems that not even a mobbed up nabe is safe.

Joe in Richmond Hill said...

"They’re locking their doors. They’re making sure that the alarm is on while they’re in their homes.” ----
That's what locks and alarms are for.
Never in history was a home anywhere so safe that locks, alarms not needed.
Crooks look for your false sense of security.
Hey, theres a slogan there;
"Cooks look, so should you!"

rico said...

"never would happen if gotti was living there"

because some robbers and killers are ok for neighbors.

therein lies the irony on the unfortunate situation in howard beach.