Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kaufman-Astoria continues path of destruction

Here's a shot of 34-36 and 34-40 35th Street on a nice sunny day last spring.
And here's the shot taken this past week. You'll note the X's painted on the homes, indicating that they're vacant. Why? Because an outfit called "Astoria Gardens LLC" applied for demo permits last October for both of them. What is Astoria Gardens LLC? Well, the address on the DOB filings is 34-12 36TH STREET, that of Kaufman-Astoria Studios.
As the Kaufman Astoria parking lot is next door, I think we know what to expect to see here in the future.


Anonymous said...

That entire block is one giant demolition site. Progress!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the rest of us are supposed to take mass transit, but it's ok if the film studio encourages car use. The subway is down the block.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know that the film industry is full of Liberal dems. "Do as I say not as I do"

Joe said...

You got that right ! Liberal Dems and gay activist writers of the worst kind. It applys to TV as well.
Unhappy with California they all want to come here.
Look how the bastards tortured Jay Leno.
Minutes after his last show they started tearing his name off NBC studios and blocked the employee driveway so he HAD to drive around the front of the building to see it.
Kaufman Astoria studios is a cancer that's going to takeover that whole neighborhood.
Devils literally !!

J said...

they also have a phobia for paying taxes too.which is why they are leaving california.

if these studios were producing anything worthwhile it would be sorta fine.but the majority of films and shows are lcd crap like disney,comic books,and cop shows.

its time to start sabotaging their film shoots,when one of these flunkies with the headsets obstruct you from your daily
commute,knock his/her ass down and just go on your way.I am sure they will be able to finish avengers 3 or person of interest eventually.

Anonymous said...

I recall Joe Crowley holding a piece of paper and saying that the Kaufman would not make territorial demands beyond 36th Street (34th-35th Ave.)

Anonymous said...

Immediately to the north of the parking lot they own is a stalled development site (running all the way to the Bravo supermarket on the corner).

If Kaufman now owns these 2 houses, plus the parking lot, plus the development site, they could be using this space to either build a rather large rental/condo building or to replace the parking lot between 36th and 37th streets that may be lost to the "backlot" development.

So it may seem detrimental, but it may actually end up being an improvement.

Also, I was in the house on the left for an open house and tearing it down is probably the best thing to happen to it.

Anonymous said...

Kaufman does not own the development site. Kind of shot that "improvement" theory to shit, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

That development site is associated with an entity called KDP Realty, LLC.

On ACRIS, the party who signed on behalf of KDP Realty is George S. Kaufman.


Anonymous said...

I see Damroc Realty listed as the owner. Not sure where you're looking.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the rest of us are supposed to take mass transit, but it's ok if the film studio encourages car use.

Same for FDNY, NYPD, and UFT.

Mass transit is for commoners. City Unions get free reign.

Queens Crapper said...

The address of the empty lot next to the parking lot is indeed Damroc Realty. The address is 34-22 35th Street.