Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Art or graffiti? You decide.

From Sunnyside Post:

Local resident George Burles has produced a YouTube video that uncovers much of the street art that can be found in Sunnyside and Woodside.

Do you consider this street art or graffiti?

The way I look at it, if it was done with permission, it's art. Otherwise, it's vandalism.


Ned said...

The skillful painted graphics could be considered art but should feature some white Americans whose ancestors built this city and country.
The cryptic bubble letter words are total shit.

Anonymous said...

Five pointz artists looking for space I guess. Some actually does look good on the ugly plain building that's not being kept Well.

Anonymous said...

Whether the guy wielding the paint has or hasn't permission doesn't matter. Vandals see the so called "art" and think they can splatter away in any manner they see fit.

I'm sure the wall hosting the "street art" canvas does not contain a caveat written in several languages which clearly states the owner of the property has given his/her permission for the wall to be treated as a canvas.

The "street artists" will not traverse the city seeking only walls where the owner allows this narcissistic excrement. They will still tag at will where they want not where they are specifically allowed.

Allowing this type of expression only reinforces the notion that
the inmates are running, perhaps ruining, the asylum.

On this blog we complain about over development, out of place houses, government screw ups and property owners who do not maintain their property.

So crapster, if you lived next door to one of the multitude of properties that you picture on this site that are not taken care of you'd be very pissed off as would the rest of us.

Now consider how you'd feel if you lived next door or across the street to a property where the owner allowed it to be used as a forum for "street art"?

Queens Crapper said...

The murals don't upset me. A lot of them are quite beautiful. If the owner says go ahead, then I have no problem with it. A lot of them are painted to promote business.

Anonymous said...

You should see the inside!

GinaS13 said...

I like to see a nice picture like these then a badly kept up wall with paint thrown on it. Plus "taggers" will usually not deface a wall mural so it cuts down on that. I am sure these businesses approved of the work. Many will pay to have these murals done. I like the creativity and bright colors.

GinaS13 said...

Ned, seriously? It needs some white Americans? It wasn't just white people that built New York.
The grouchy, old, curmudgeons commenting here just want the Lilly White old days.
This type of artwork does not encourage grafitti. Grafitti has been around since Roman days.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the ancestors of the recent immigrants to Queens from Shanghai, Mumbai, and Mexico City "built New York".

You can learn a lot of history reading from reading QC. Thanks GinaS13 for the history lesson.

Anonymous said...

Re: GinaS13

"This type of artwork does not encourage grafitti."

Hey gina, where do you live? I need a place where my son can practice his Krylon Street Art. You'll enjoy his creativity.

Anonymous said...

Murals (like these) beautify the cityscape. But tagging just craps it up.

Anonymous said...

This is the same crap they have in California slums like south central and San Pedro
To add its RACIST having all those murals depicting LATINO !!
BTW S13 (as in GinaS13) is a gang designator perhaps Gina and her "friends" are doing an under the RADAR territorial markings.
Gina I didn't know the Romans spray cans and such bad taste LOL !

J said...

I condone this,most of these buildings with these murals are shuttered business.

its all in the eye of the beholder.the banksy one in the video is(was)insightful.although he should have done another one like it with the same quote showing a prick tagging it wearing sagging pants.

the ones I dislike are the memorials to dead gangstas.

georgetheatheist said...

Art? Maybe Illustration. But not "art". (A kid with crayons and a coloring book is "art"?)