Monday, March 24, 2014

Post-apocalyptic scene beneath the J train

Hi QC,

Talk about an eyesore (and maybe a lung sore)!
Have you seen what is left of a food factory distributor that burned about 2 years ago.
The burned out hulk remains untouched it seems since the fire. If you are on the Crescent Street platform of the J train you are right above it.
Anybody know what is planned for this? Why does the community have to see this and possibly be exposed to who knows what when the wind blows? When it rains, what toxins are leached and where?
Thanks for your coverage of local news.

Joe L

Joe, I don't know what the answer is. Usually, the FDNY/DOB orders the building to be demolished. I'm not sure why this one was left in this condition for so long. - QC


Anonymous said...

That looks nasty.

Anonymous said...

Call Assemblyman Mike Miller!

Joe Moretti said...

I'm not sure why this one was left in this condition for so long


Because it is not a white neighborhood with yuppies. It is a lower class ethnic community and as usual the powers to be do not give a shit in neighborhoods like this.

They make a bigger deal about the 7 train in LIC not running on weekends or not being able to serve beer at a flea market in LIC too.

Ethnic community, community of color, who gives a shit is what they say behind closed doors. The powers to be are such hypocrites. They want their votes, but do nothing for their communities.

Anonymous said...

Because the company that owned it, Chloe Foods, was already bankrupt. It's most likely an issue of who is going to pay for what is probably a very expensive job.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is crazy it was left like this for so long. But the city doesn't want to spend the money to clean it up, they want to spend money on Citi Bikes and give away parkland for a $1. Why don't they give this away for a $1 and the developer has to properly clean it up.

Anonymous said...

how long ago was this?

to do any work you have to wait months to plan your work with engineers and architects, get the permits filed and approved, hire contractors

and that is only after the insurance pays you and its worth it for you to rebuild

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 2:

It's not his district!

Anonymous said...

When this place was in operation it provided a lot of jobs but when it went under you didn't hear a thing about it but Fresh Direct gets $150 Million to move to the Bronx???

There is also a complex called Arlington Village a couple of Blocks west on Atlantic ave.(about 4 blocks larger) that sits boarded up and almost completely abandoned. It's full of two story buildings most of which need serious renovation but have just been locked and boarded up.

The city will only care about East New York when the spill over from Bed-Stuy/Bushwick comes through Cypress Hills (which looks inevitable) then you will see interest in developing this land.

Anonymous said...

This sure likes a case where the city is obligated to tear it all down for public safety and bill the owner. If the current owner can't pay it, then let the next owner pay.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any updates on this? It is still in the same condition since the fire in 2012...