Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Birdman of Flushing

Indeed, there's more to New York than NY. There's also this guy. I hope he had food, otherwise, this scene would be extra creepy.

Photo by the Flushing Phantom


J said...

more like the pigeon king

or the man and the rats with wings.

that is a man,right?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the third world country known as flushing! Maybe they will all take big loads of dumps on this guy then he can be known as the the crapman of flushing.

The Flushing Phantom said...

Hey, don't knock it.

Maybe in this fetid overcrowded corrupt cesspool called Floo-shing, this man has found a way to find his inner peace.

The rest of the ghetto is, indeed, for the birds!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's training his pigeons to crap on Toby Stavisky and all of the other crap worthy pols who've been milking Flushing dry.

"Koo, Koo, Koo".
Can you hear the birds cooing to you Councilman Peter?

I hope the birds follow this man to the next CB7 meeting!

Anonymous said...

Please show me where the Flushing Business Improvement District has improved Flushing.

We know that its director Dian Yu has improved his bankroll.

"Diverse, bustling" bird shit Flushing...a destination of doo-doo, poo-poo, ka-ka and blatantly arrogant crooks!

Hey...let's call in Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer. He's launched an anti pigeon crap campaign in his district.

Well, never mind...he's full of shit himself. He only follows the drum beat of developers...who got him elected and re-elected.

Anonymous said...

I hope that there's an honest, crusading, civic minded stool pigeon among this brood who will rat out and expose at least two of the political crooks that are currently holding local office in the downtown Flushing toilet hub.

Anonymous said...

That man is really the director of the Queens tourism office instructing his public relations workers on how to promote beautiful downtown Flushing.

These birds used to work for Myra Baird Herce at the Flushing Chamber Pot of Commerce.

Anonymous said...

At least he's not killing them like the Asians do with the turtles in Bowne Park. He's also not selling dog meat out of the trunk of his car.

It's resheshing to see an Asian that likes animals!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, if everyone is done being racist now...

Anonymous said...

Racist? I don't think so...just tellin' it like it is.

If the REAL TRUTH offends anyone, then log off Queens Crap.

Here the real truth prevails. If a particular race has made a name for itself...for corrupt practices and unsanitary conditions...then so be it and TS to you!

You DO KNOW what the abbreviation TS stands for, dontcha?

Anonymous said...

Waddaya expect in a Taiwanese-Chinese ghetto, spotless streets?

The Japanese who first settled in Flushing and who are known for their pristine sanitary habits, started fleeing when Taiwanese peasants started moving here in droves.

Anonymous said...

Who pays when this guy gets hepatitis or something worse from these flying rats ?

Max Weber said...

"Well, if everyone is done being racist now..."

Dummkopf. It's not racism. It's astute sociological commentary.

Anonymous said...

"Astute sociological commentary"

Thanks Margaret Mead - never knew you had such an oddball sense of humor.

Anonymous said... that urban geographer, turned burro historian, Dr. Jackoff commenting?

Maybe you've been drinking too much meade (I hope I got that spelled right)....a powerful alcoholic ancient drink made from fermented honey associated with the Kelts of Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Ugh (dry heaving) let me guess, they leave their germs all over him and then he pushes through the crowds infecting everyone. No wonder I live less than 2 miles from there and haven't gone there in months!