Tuesday, March 25, 2014

RKO Keith's mystery sign

"Is NYC the Keith's real owner as suggested by this placard?" - The Flushing Phantom
Hmmm. The permit for the sidewalk shed was indeed applied for by HPD. But ownership still appears to be private as per ACRIS.


Anonymous said...

I'm just hoping that it doesn't fall in the hands of another Asian developer.

Anonymous said...

reading through BIS... this gets really goofy:
--it appears that the building was served with several threats to have it vacated. "pre-emptory vacate order" is noted in '96.
--it has an active SWO... which was partially rescinded in '12 "TO ALLOW THAT WORK LISTED IN CORRESPONDANCE" but i assume it never happened because they reinstated it.
--ghouse at DOB is on it. that's forensic unit. this gets stranger.

here's how the forensic unit works. they show up somewhere, say fix xyz immediately. they can then issue a vacate order, an emergency declaration, an immediate emergency dec, a combination, or rarely, nothing. if the owner doesn't follow through, HPD takes the job over.

looking back at the violations, an IED was issued 4/9/12. i assume this was due to falling debris and lack of sidewalk protection. HPD took over the work stipulated in the IED a month later. par for the course. but where it gets really weird, is that DOB issued the SWO based on the improper installation of the sidewalk shed.

talk about eating your young. DOB kicks the job over to HPD and they hire a contractor who couldn't read the plans, so DOB issued a SWO on the guy that HPD picked to do the work. what a cluster fuck.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Now THAT is how to run a government. NOT!

I wish we cold get a tally of how much taxpayer money is/was blown the scaffold, paperwork, investigations, etc.

Anonymous said...

Maybe NYC HPD is fronting for Tommy Huang....and the RKO will bounce back to his ownership.

Does that seemtoo farfetched? Anything is possible in this crooked Asiatric dump-town.

It might just be that Huang's son, Henry, could be a silent partner in the new deal.

Remember that Michael Nussbaum...whom the Daily news once dubbed as Donald Manes's "bag man"... is representing the new owner.

Nussie also had "represented" Patrick Thompson, the Keith's previous owner.

Note that Manes and Huang were joined at the hip. Connect the dots and see where the money trail leads!

Claire Shulman knows plenty, but she's been bought and paid for. She won't talk.

Anonymous said...

Since 1986...and the Keith's saga continues.
What a long running soap opera series.

It'll go down in history as beating out the TV legend, "The guiding Light".

Maybe it'll just be going down soon!
The protected landmark portions can always be de-landmarked.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there is some miracle and Restoration will find it way to this beautiful theater

Anonymous said...

There IS NO miracle in the cards for the Keith's.

In time it will be torn down.

Who will champion its restoration, CB7, Councilman Koo, Congress member Grace Meng, Toby Stavisky?


Better to move the landmark lobby and foyer out of Flushing where some civilized people can appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Has Melinda Katz commented on the RKO?