Thursday, November 28, 2013

Will the Queensboro Bridge get its original name back?

From CBS New York:

City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-22nd) has introduced legislation to remove late Mayor Ed Koch’s name from the Queensboro Bridge.

Vallone has objected to the placement of Koch’s name on the bridge at 59th Street since the iconic mayor’s name was added in 2011.

Speaking to WCBS 880’s Jim Smith in July, Vallone said it was nothing personal.

“From day one, I’ve said this is not about Ed Koch,” he said. “He’s always been a good friend to my family; a good friend to my father. He’s always supported me in the past.”

The issue, Vallone said, is borough pride for Queens.

“Can you imagine the people of Brooklyn being OK with the Brooklyn Bridge being renamed, or the Manhattan Bridge being renamed?” Vallone said in July. “Only in Queens were they allowed to get away with this.”

Vallone’s bill would move Koch’s name to a different city landmark. The Manhattan Municipal Building would be renamed the Ed Koch Manhattan Municipal Building.


Anonymous said...

Who cares? Whats the big freaking deal? I havent heard anybody call it the ed koch bridge anyway.....i hear everyone calling it the 59th street bridge. Apparently, these politicians have too much time on their hands to think about stupid nonsense things like this.

Anonymous said...

I know this blog is anti-Vallone, but props to him on this one! Koch was an egomaniacal nut!

Anonymous said...

Koch was a Manhattanite, kept his rent-controlled apartment in the Village even as Mayor, and eventually was buried in Manhattan. So why name the Queensboro Bridge after him? what was his connection to Queens?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 3: He went through it going to the airports or the Hamptons.

Anonymous said...

Stole the idea from someone else then cut their funding to zero.

That will teach anyone from Vallonia that all ideas from Astoria has to come through Rome, I mean, Vallone.

Anonymous said...

Leave the name, Koch was a queen, that is the connection.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, do you think Petey, Jr., would have been against naming the bridge for Peter Vallone, Sr.? Is that what he's really hoping for down the road? Paulie can introduce the legislation in the City Council.

Anonymous said...

Get his name off the bridge - he hated and ignored Queens. He allowed this bridge to go in disrepair when caused a very expensive and long disruption to us motorists many years after his term in office. Dedicate a closet in a gay bar in the Village after him Koch - that would be much more appropriate.

Joe said...

His connection with Queens was getting booed at Alexanders bagel bakery and having snowballs tossed at him.

Blizzard 1978 ?
My grandfather was a chef at the Worldorf who knew him.
5 o'clock new Gram-pa would go bezerk and curse at the TV "Facci Fanoog" and everything else in Italian curse book (70's Ridgewood)

Chester the Dog said...

Hey Pete, clean up the area around your law office on 31st, then we'll discuss the bridge.