Saturday, November 23, 2013

Court asked to force owners to clean up properties

From DNA Info:

The city is demanding that owners repair three abandoned buildings on Lafayette Avenue in Bed-Stuy that have caused flooding and rat infestations for neighbors, according to documents filed in Brooklyn Civil Supreme Court.

The city Department of Buildings issued summonses ordering the owners of 874, 876 and 880 Lafayette Ave. to fix unsafe conditions that residents said were plaguing their homes.

Each of the buildings was unsecured, with windows and basement doors being broken or completely missing, according to the summonses, leading to squatters who have caused damage to surrounding homes.

You may recall that a similar property on Lafayette was featured on this blog back in August.


Anonymous said...

You're link covers 510 Lafayette.
That's not 874, 876 or 880 Lafayette.

Queens Crapper said...

Thanks. Text has been amended. And it's your, not you're.

Joe Moretti said...

That is it, I could show you hundreds of homes/buildings just in Jamaica like this and the city has done very little to do anything about this even though myself and others have been making this issue very well known. And it is not like these places are hidden, they are right out in the open in neighborhoods, many not sealed at all.

So why Brooklyn, but not Jamaica Queens, which a few years ago had approximately 800 vacant homes/lots.