Saturday, November 30, 2013

Levin owes a lot of dough to DOF

From the NY Post:

He knows how to move legislation — but not his car.

City Councilman Steve Levin (D-Brooklyn), a persistent parking scofflaw, has run up another $665 in unpaid tickets since July, according to city records.

Last year, The Post found Levin owed so much in summonses — $630 — that City Hall wouldn’t renew his official parking placard.

When he finally settled up, the legislator quickly amassed another $595 worth of fines wheeling around his Greenpoint-Williamsburg district.

Levin said Tuesday he’s thinking about finally springing for a garage.

What's the magic number for getting your car towed?


Anonymous said...

People at QUeenscrap and people of New York City. You must always
remember that, "YOU" voted for him.

There is nothing they are doing that you didn't allow them to do.

Here's your boy De Blasio at it.

Nigga be paying his fines, for HIS campaign, with YO monies.

But again, "YOU" must remember who allowed him and on a larger scale, "them", do to that.

Anonymous said...

One outstanding summons and you can be towed. No magic number. What boggles my mind is that even with a parking placard, he still gets tickets - that means parking in emergency zones, on the sidewalk, WTF? It's not just expired meters and alternate side. What an ass-wipe!