Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rego Park fruit store now flying American flags

From the Queens Chronicle:

The Family Fruit Farm grocery store at 94-01 63 Drive had featured the flags of 22 different countries flying above its awning, but not until recently have two American flags joined the row of nations.

The flags, nestled between the symbols of Russia and Mexico, are slightly smaller than the other banners. But they fly front and center, directly facing the intersection of 63rd Drive and Booth Street for all to see.

The previous lack of Old Glory had upset a nearby shop owner as well as Vietnam War veteran and Rego Park resident George Gardner, who called the lack of the American flag “ridiculous” and “astonishing,” when he called the Chronicle to complain about it in October.

Gardner says he was not involved in getting the two American flags placed on top of the store and does not know who is responsible.

He understands that lack of the banners in the first place may have just been an oversight, but the fact that the American flags now fly is “refreshing” to the military veteran.


Anonymous said...

Hey. Where is the Armenian flag?

Sir Elton John said...

Hey. Where is the Armenian flag?

More importantly, where's the Gay Liberation flag?

georgetheatheist said...

Years ago, the riot act was read to Elmhurst Hospital about this. Flags of every third world country on the main facade facing Broadway. Now it's all just Old Glorys. Maybe the fruit and vegetable stand could do the same?

Anonymous said...

Minor nit about flag etiquette. Then an American flag is flown with other flags it should be higher then the others.
Strange how we can remember things from the Cub Scouts.

Anonymous said...

Where's the Marcus Garvey flag?

Anonymous said...

Did george try talking to the business owner before calling the chronicle? Or did he just immediately take the media whore approach?

Anonymous said...

He spoke with the business owner multiple times before contacting the Chronicle. This article is the second on the subject. Here is the first.