Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mary Immaculate looks worse than previously reported

From Clean Up Jamaica Queens:

Mary Immaculate Hospital in Jamaica, which was located at 152-11 89th Avenue, right across from Rufus King Park, closed it’s doors back in 2009 like so many other Queens Hospitals, including Jamaica’s other hospital, St. John’s Queens, putting 2500 hospital employees out of work and putting a big burden on the people of Jamaica and Queens.

Since then the boarded up hospital sits there and not looking so immaculate these days.
Even though there has been talk of the large building being turned into condos or market rate apartments (and there are work permits posted all over), the once immaculate hospital is looking pretty shitty these days. Open windows side by side with many broken windows (talk about your Broken Window Theory), boarded up windows and doors, an air conditioner hanging barely from one window, huge tree branches broken and crashed into the railings of the adjacent parking garage, garbage strewn around, including mattresses, shopping carts and furniture, plus homeless people can be seen sleeping on the outside (maybe in the inside), the place is easily accessible, since there are very little fences around the buildings main entrance.
So Jamaica endures another eyesore in the community, a huge one just a couple of blocks from the downtown area.

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Joe Moretti said...

There are more photos on my blog. Amazing that this place, right across from Rufus King Park, in the middle of various apartments, near a school, a block from the downtown area and it looks like this, but more importantly that the entire area is not fenced in, so that no one can enter the area.