Wednesday, November 13, 2013

5 Pointz likely doomed after latest court decision

From LIC Post:

The 5 Pointz artists were dealt a severe blow today when a Federal Court Judge ruled against them, virtually condemning the building to the wrecking ball.

Judge Frederic Block denied the artists a preliminary injunction, which would have stopped G&M Realty from demolishing the building while a lengthy legal fight took place. A temporary restraining order, which was issued twice in October dealing with the same case, was lifted.

The last throw of the dice for the artists is to appeal Block’s decision to the Second Circuit. However, Block did not hand down his full written decision today, which would be the basis of the appeal. That is likely to come within the week.

The artists would need to get an Appeals Court Judge to grant them a stay—which would stop demolition until the case was fully litigated.

While the artists can continue with their lawsuit without a stay or a preliminary injunction, the building is likely to come crashing down while the matter is being decided in court. The artists would get monetary damages if they prevailed—but the building would be gone.


Anonymous said...

They are graffiti artists....granted their drawings are good.....they are acting like they are Michelangelo .......the city is not going to keep up a building because of some graffiti. ...hate to tell you but I think you lost this case graffiti artists!

New York Art Watch said...

You're missing a very important point about 5 Pointz...$$$$$$$$ !!!

The city SHOULD keep up the building for the thousands upon thousands of tourists who flock to it.

These visitors spend money and support New York's tourist big dummy!

The only place in this Godforsaken backwater borough that tourists clamor to visit is 5 Pointz!

They DO NOT want to waste valuable time in their crowded must-see itinerary...crawling out to, for example, the Queens Museum...near the terminus of an antique subway line.

PS 1 draws far less than 5 Pointz!

Art has progressed past Michaelangelo's include much more than your limited brain capacity is capable of comprehending...let alone appreciating.

Anonymous said...

The city of Los Angeles kept up the Watts Towers because of their intrinsic irreplaceable art value.

Google the Watts Towers for yourself.
I'm not here to deliver you an art history lesson.

NYC is very backward, compared to european cities, when it comes to recognizing emerging, cutting edge art.

Anonymous said...

This was just a small detour in the road which was expected by all. The building will not be coming down in the near future.

There's asbestos and other toxic clean ups that must be performed before any demolition can occur.

Wolkoff is already in a hole with his Suffolk County, Pilgrim State property, and needs a quick infusion of money for it. Do some on line research regarding that site and you'll see for yourselves.

Cash flow poor Wolkoff, most likely, is waiting to flip the property to Rockrose. Rockrose is already in the process of demolishing their building behind 5 Pointz on Crane Street.

At least that's the buzz that's going around in the real estate business.

This kind of buzz is practically Gospel.

Anonymous said...


As Yogi might say, "This is only the 8th inning, and the bases are loaded with good runners".

Go, Yankees! Go 5 Pointz legal team!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

we haven't heard from that (Wolkoff?) shill, Ned, yet.

Fire away, Ned. You amuse us all with the panoply of ignorance you display on Queens Crap..

Anonymous said...

Art has progressed past Michaelangelo's include much more than your limited brain capacity is capable of comprehending...let alone appreciating

No, what has happened is people witout talent wanted to get into the art game, and so they forced their way in by trying to convince everyone the definition has changed.

Modern Art is simply a way to call yourself an artist without having to have any skill.

Anonymous said...

Just tell the "graffiti tourists" to stay on the 7 train all the way to Main Street while looking out the window. They can see all of the graffiti they want. Much of it produced by the same so called "graffiti artists" who worshiped at 5 Pointz. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

The real problem here is that anything that could make an area interesting and attractive is being ripped down for banality.

Banality next to bridge ramps, train yards, elevated trains ... and floods is not a good formula at all.

No sir, not at all...

Anonymous said...

It's private property.Period.

Anonymous said...

It's an eye sore. Tear it down.

Anonymous said...

Graffiti is so inspirational, until some kid tags up your fence with krylon in the dead of night, or tags up the old lady's wall on the corner with PRESTO in black script that can't be overpainted. Then it really sucks and changes your perspective. The Euro trash hitting the illegal hostels and desperately craving urban New World authenticity should move on to other authentic, original NYC community traditions to "explore". I highly recommend investigating the old-timey phenomena of "flaming bags of sh!t". They would be a hit to the performance art / installation clique, they are very impactful!

Anonymous said...

Read the VARA Act passed by Congress. It protects ART.

You're whistling through your blow hole, buddy.

Even private property is subject to the laws of the land.

Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m...the anti art real estate shills are busy.

Anonymous said...

A quick lesson for you dummies out there:

GRAFFITI is illegal vandalism....scrawlings and large throw-ups of low quality. The vandals who perpetrate these crimes deserve to be arrested.

5 POINTZ executed in aerosol paint with the full permission of the owner....and has received highacclaim by the art world.

Anonymous said...

"Olde-timey phenomena of flaming bags of shit"?
WTF RU talking about?
You sound like one of these yourself!

Anonymous said...

$100 on the line,
that says 5 Pointz won't be demolished.
Any takers out there ?

I'll give my cashier's check to Crappy to hold.

Anonymous said...

It looks like your attempt to quickly flip this property is being slowed down, Mr. Wolkoff.

As you know, a slowdown in this biz can result in a defeat of your time sensitive plans.

How much did you pay your "architect" to draw up those fancy presentations?
You know full well that you won't be building.

Those renderings were just concocted to present at your dog and pony shows to get your zoning variance.

"Big" 77 year old Jerry Wolkoff is in hot water with his Pilgrim State project. And the clock is ticking.

Do you think that your gawking son David can fill your shoes, big daddy?

He'll spend daddy's money to the last penny.

Bye, bye the elder Mr. Wolkoff's fortunes.

History abounds with wastrel sons.

Didn't Wolkoff get a boost up with his wife's (Entretter family of the Las Vegas Sands Hotel) money?

Yeah, we're wise to you.

Anonymous said...

Your comments on "modern art" prove your ignorance. The represent the typical remarks expected from a backwoods Queens "expert".

Are you able to distinguish between shit and shoe polish?

I sincerely doubt it, fella! That's why your analysis of art also stinks.

Anonymous said...

Don't count your chickens yet you nay-sayers!
A rooster is poised behind you and about to bite you on the ass!

retired law clerk said...

This surely "ain't over 'til it's over"!

I predict that this case will make its way all the way up to the U.S Supreme Court, if it has to.

ONLY THEN will the decision be final.

Anonymous said...

Something stinks real bad here!

It's Van Bramer's fault. Instead of seeing the tourist $$$$$ potential of 5 Pointz and supporting it, he sandbagged 5 Pointz along with his accomplice CB2 chair Joe Conley.

Pull back the curtain to reveal that Van Bramer is a closet racist!

He doesn't want "those kind of people" (mostly Latino) in the new uber LIC. He doesn't like them much in Sunnyside either.

doesn't Councilman Jimmy look like a blonde Arian superman right out of central casting?