Thursday, November 28, 2013

Anti-scofflaw signs coming down

From the NY Post:

The city is scooping up its curb your dog signs.

All reminders to pick up after your pooch are being taken down by the DOT, which has dumped 1300 signs this year—saying they are mostly faded and illegible.

The Sanitation Department, who owns the signs, says they won’t be replaced—since the agency stopped putting up the new signs ten years ago due to budget cutbacks.


Anonymous said...

whether they have signs up or not people still do not pick up their dogs shit

Joe Moretti said...

They might not always be followed, but at least they gave something for some people to think about. Now, nothing.

Why does the so-called "best city in the world" and one of the richest have the worst quality of life. That does not even make sense on paper.

Anonymous said...

The issue is rarely enforced, that is the problem, a sign won't really effect the problem. Sanitation or PD has to catch the person in the act not cleaning after the dog which is hard to do.

If they are not going to replace the signs it is better they are taken down. The few that are still up that I see are so faded that you can not read them anymore, and people just write graffiti and put nonsense stickers on them.

Anonymous said...

All anti-littering and other such quality of life signs make many new Americans feel unwelcome.

A small group of rich neighborhoods in Manhattan and the like do not need look like Queens: they have funding for keeping their communities cleans so its not an issue. Those funds in Queens are earmarked for tweeder programs.

Anonymous said...

The issue is rarely enforced, that is the problem, a sign won't really effect the problem.

Yeah, just like the signs that say "Curb your dog." When did it become the norm for people to walk their dogs on the sidewalk and have them crap on your front lawn? Once in a while when I see someone actually walking their dog in the street, I have to do a double-take, since it's so rare.

Anonymous said...

Take down the speed limit signs too.
Nobody follows them either.

Anonymous said...

Enforce the law - they can't!

Joe said...

Stupid morons all you have to do in **most cases** is just swipe them with a sponge of motor oil or acrylic urethane.
Time needed: 35 seconds.

Anybody know where they are dumping or storing these I want some ?