Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Avella introduces bill that prohibits lobbyists from seeking office

From Bayside Patch:

State Sen. Tony Avella, D-Bayside, has proposed a bill that would force former registered lobbyists to wait two years after leaving their profession before running for public office.

Under Avella’s bill, a lobbyist would not be able to run for any municipal or statewide elective office for a period of two years after termination of their service as a registered lobbyist.

“If elected officials and their staff are prohibited from working as registered lobbyists for a period of time after their term or employment has ended, why isn’t the reverse true?” Avella said. “Registered lobbyists who go directly from lobbying to running for elected office could have a distinct and unequal advantage when it comes to influence, access and money, among other things.”

The senator said the bill’s aim would be to eliminate the appearance of impropriety given the close relationship between lobbyists from former firms who continue to act as registered lobbyists and potentially newly elected officials.


Anonymous said...

So lobbyist Evan Stavisky can no longer run for District Leader?

Anonymous said...

Good for Avella, one of the rare few who have integrity.

Anonymous said...

And Paulie Vallone would have to give up his lucrative lobbying, er consulting, career?

Anonymous said...

Tony Avella introduces many meaningful bills.
He's a good man.
How many of these bills get passed into law?

Those lobbyists are loaded for bear.
Tony's fellow legislators benefit financially from lobbyists' support.

Do we see a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere, or does that tunnel eventually lead straight to Hell?

disgruntled said...

I, myself, have loads integrity without any real power.
Unfortunately it's POWER that gets things done!

Anonymous said...

Just like a bad penny, Evan will always pop up somewhere where there's a dollar in it for him.

Anonymous said...

Folks, Avella needs loud vocal public support from you.

The pols rely on image, and if the public shows they don't buy it and believe in Tony, his influence and stature will skyrocket.

On the other hand, too many just complain, and don't do much of anything.

2 or 3 entries on a blog can accomplish far more than 12 or 13. after the 4th or 5th the rest get unread.....

Anonymous said...

Tony is a great man - the most honest and hard-working politician in NYC today!

Tony Avella for Mayor!!!! Let's start working on it now!!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Maybe it's time to have TERM LIMITS for ALL offices.

I mean term limits for the pols seeking a 3rd term in office--and that should cover their family members replacing them after their 2nd term expires.

This is no place for political dynasties in a republic.
It bespeaks of monarchy--which we fought to replace.

Anonymous said...

Has any bill that Tony Avella ever introduced been passed into law?

Anonymous said...

not going to happen .

Anonymous said...

Since he went to Albany, quite a few of his bills have passed. Try paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 12: The facts mean nothing where the trolls from county headquarters are concerned.

Anonymous said...

"Try paying atttention" - best advice - but falls on deaf ears. The proof is results of the Queens candidates who were elected. I am a life long Democrat and voted for a Republican for the first time. How did I know the Democrat was bad. Reported on Queens Crap, newspapers and Internet, etc. They were exposed everywhere.

"Try paying attention

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony. But it's too late! This should have been a law BEFORE this past election!

Anonymous said...

Avella's bill will Crash and burn. DOA.

Anonymous said...

A good bill whether it crashes or not. All a legislator can do is try. What about the bill to remove pensions from convicted elected felons. Get it in Tony. Let the slugs burn the bill if the wish.

Anonymous said...

If enough good bills are INTRODUCED...whether they get past the crooks that shoot them down or not...maybe it will serve to wake up apathetic voters that they must PARTICIPATE in their own Democracy.

Don't sit back in Archie Bunker's chair...forever complaining about the state of the nation over a brewskie.

Move your ass! Vote, and vote wisely!

DON'T believe the media BS that's fed to you.
It's YOUR country. You get who YOU vote for!
YOU must sort it all out for yourself.

Pretend that you are doing some careful research on buying a new appliance or car. That should be the way that political products should be bought too.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of political products, you just bought Paul Vallone.

The 19th district has my deepest sympathies for electing a real estate lobbyist to represent them in the city council.

Enjoy the next 4 years.
Maybe your health plan covers the Valium you'll be needing.

Anonymous said...

It's better if a legislator can actually succeed, too!
Yet, trying is far better than not trying at all.

As Thomas Edison concluded (more or less) every success is preceded by many failures.

Isn't that how progress is made?

At least Tony has spoken up. Can YOU say the same?

Anonymous said...

A good airplane (whether it crashes or not ???) tries to reach its destination with its passengers deplaning, all in one piece.