Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Queens Museum. Just "museum".

Hey, folks, if you want to see what people are saying about the "new" Queens Museum (of art?), you should read this review from New York Magazine, which I found courtesy of Brownstoner Queens.


Jerry Rotondi said...

Is the new (new-speak) "Queens Museum"--too ashamed of their "art" collection, to continue calling it an art museum?
Puhleeze--don't make me laugh 'til I "shart"!

My quick opinion?
fart-chitecture instead of real architecture--
but isn't that's what Queens is all about--being a second rate Brooklyn?

It sort of makes me regret that my family chose to move to Queens, when we had to flee the dangerous South Bronx, back in the day. We should have moved to Bensonhurst instead. Oh well, life goes on!

C-mon, folks--It's a more direct trip, and more appetizing, for me to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art than trudge to the wilds of FMCP--to see, what?

And--at the end of that trip to Manhattan--I can feast on Rembrandt, Monet, etc.--the REAL bright lights of ART not LEDs proclaiming a "MUSEUM"!

Put a band aid--an LED curtain wall on a warehouse of, ho-hum--and what have you got? An electric bill!

I hope that those school trip and senior buses--full of souls, with their dollar allowances--support the "Queens Museum". I doubt that the majority of the public does.

However, their early 1980s (Florida treasure hunter, Mel Fisher's) Spanish treasure shipwreck exhibit was a very good one.

All of that gold on view drew record crowds. I believe it was Chase Bank that underwrote that exhibition.

I hope that--is it still Mr. Finkelpearl (???)-- can eventually upgrade their "art" collection and mount exhibits of that type which will attract a wide range of people.

Meanwhile the borough's REAL TOURIST ATTRACTION is in danger of being demolished.

I speak of "5 Pointz" in LIC!
It contains, on it's exterior MUSEUM walls, some of the best international, cutting edge art--and IT'S FREE!

Of course Councilman Van Bramer does not agree with me. He sold out 5 Pointz for a mere $10,200 campaign donation from the property owner. What can you expect from a back woodsman--art appreciation?

georgetheatheist said...

Jerry. Why do you want to see Monet and Rembrandt in Manhattan when you can see Bulgarian collective pickle-making in Queens?

Anonymous said...

Queens is home to 2.3 Million people (well, far more of course, since there are a lot of people here off the grid and ignore the census).

I doubt there isnt a city in the world with 2.3+ million people in it that doesn't have a world class museum.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering: do they update the Queens Panorama every time someone knocks down a house and puts up a Frank Lloyd Crap fedders special?

Anonymous said...

this place will suck all the oxygen out of the room and all the historical societies will be forced to give it their collections so the proper state sponsored images of Queens will be portrayed.

Anonymous said...

I think the first four words of the previous post said it all:

This place will suck

Jerry Rotondi said...

I agree with you George.
Queens is really in a pickle!

Anonymous said...

These "hysterical" societies DESERVE the oxygen being sucked out of their rooms for being cowards and not being champions for historic preservation.

Let their...LOL..."collections" go up for sale.

At least a good collector will protect these collectables better than most historical societies care for their collections.

Don't force me name a few names.

Anonymous said...

Greetings. This is Tom Finkelpearl, director of the Queens Museum. Perhaps it is crazy to enter this dialogue, but I would certainly invite anyone interested in a tour to come to the museum. Overall we have had a great response, with the exception of the New York Magazine article. Anyone interested? I will meet you here. Perhaps in mid-December?

Jerry Rotondi said...

"Anonymous"--AKA, "Tom Finkelpearl"--I doubt it.
Try another one.

Anonymous said...

Hey -- this really is Tom Finkelpearl. If you want to reach me directly to verify it, my email is tf@queensmuseum.org. I truly would like to offer a tour. Of course not everyone will love the new architecture of the museum, but we are open to criticism or debate, trying to make it a meaningful place for Queens. I am posting anonymously only because I have not set up a password...