Saturday, November 16, 2013

The history of Tommy Huang

From the Queens Chronicle:

Tommy Huang, the controversial developer from Flushing, has been in the news for more than three decades — known for building and damaging properties throughout Queens and probably more than anything, destroying the RKO Keith’s Theatre.

Although Huang made several attempts to ruin the Keith’s, it was a longstanding oil leak for which he was criminally charged in 1997.

Huang emigrated from Taiwan in 1969 with his wife, Alice Liu, a daughter of the wealthy owner of Taiwan’s Haw di-I Foods and Bull Head Barbecue Sauce. He broke ground in Flushing in 1979 on a five-family house.

The developer went on to construct high-rises around Queens Boulevard and five others in Flushing. He was first applauded for helping to rebuild Flushing, but controversy soon erupted.

In 1982, Huang wanted to buy a site off Main Street to build a 16-story condominium. After a bank refused to sell it to him, a Molotov cocktail was thrown into a restaurant there, destroying several properties. Soon after, Huang increased his bid on the location and the property was sold. He said he did not know anything about the bomb.


Anonymous said...

Yeah right..."Sorry, know nothing of Molotov cocktail".

Let's name a drink for him, "Tommy the torch"!

Anonymous said...

What about his family member John Liu...through the Alice Liu branch?

How come you didn't go into that, Queens Chronicle?

Jerry Rotondi, Comm. to Save Kaith's Inc. said...

So what happens to the RKO Keith's now?

Does it continue to be a rotting eyesore, do to the lack of any real effort on the part of our crooked borough government and an unscrupulous developer or two?

As its 3rd owner, Patrick Thompson, HAS NOT been able to deliver anything beyond PR BS yet.
Thompson's "representative," Michael Nussbaum, is a Donald Manes leftover who was almost jailed for his involvement in a Time Warner bribery scandal.

Maybe IT IS TIME for NYC to seize the property and do what Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz is doing for the Loew's Kings movie palace on Flatbush Ave.

Make creative reuse of the Flushing Keith's for the community's benefit.

Granted the Keith's is in far worse shape than the Kings. So you recreate its purpose with a partial restoration.

Nobody expects to see NYC spend $95,000,000 like they're doing in Brooklyn.

What are your thoughts, CB7?
Wake up you bench warmers!

Anonymous said...

It's now Huang & Sons who are fucking over Queens.

Maybe he'll drag his daughter Tiffany into the family destruction business. It wasn't beneath that low life to put his own mother in legal jeopardy years ago.

Tommy is a sociopath...a bad seed. It won't be over until his son Henry is also indicted!

The Flushing Phantom said...

Tommy bought Manes and, subsequently, owned Shulman.
Who is the Huang gang buying protection from now?

Anonymous said...

He looks like a cheap drug dealer!

Huang was connected to Cecilia Chang, the late dean of Asian Studies at SJU, who suicided herself.

His connection to Donald Manes, another suicide, makes one wonder if being an associate of Tommy is the kiss of death.

H-m-m-m....were they really suicides?.

Anonymous said...

is the bombing a connection to the burned down stores on Main st. @Sanford Ave. to the Flushing library . the owners did not want to sell either.....

Anonymous said...

In that photo, he looks like one of those wanna-be tough guys that Bruce Lee used to knock out with one punch - they were so insignificant that the likely didn't even get their names in the movie credits. That's Tommy - an insignificant cockroach.

Anonymous said...

Notice that the only way Huang makes the history books is through his nefarious asswociation with the RKO Keith's....proof that Huang is indeed a cockroach....and can't make history honestly or on his own.

Anonymous said...

The Huang family name is on a par with the shit that floats in the Flushing River.

Tommy is branded for life...."destroyer of the historic RKO Keith's Flushing Theater"....etc.

That's the only fame that this Asiatic mosquito gets.
You're being far too generous referring to him as a cockroach.

A roach has more class than an arsonist.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2: They probably didn't because the article was one in a big series and they didn't have space. That's a guess. Don't know what Liu has to do with Huang's projects anyway. They did have an editorial saying Liu should just go away already.

Anonymous said...

Some of Liu's contributors were Tommy's materials suppliers. I believe that I read somewhere that the matter was looked into.

And, we know where that went?

No where -- like everything else.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Huang is a spinless piece of Queenscrap. His wife is a smug piece of Queenscrap. They are both evil and hurtful individuals. They cannot be trusted. The offspring are cut from the same cloth.

They can still be seen running from project to project.

They continue to live in and SH_T on the citizens of the Borough of Queens. And, the City of New York and the State of New York undoubtedly will allow them to continue to OPERATE.

Clearly, they should be OUT OF BUSINESS. That is -- totally out of business. Allegedly, those sham corporations are still wheeling and dealing.

Time for the FEDS?