Saturday, November 16, 2013

In a hurry to cover a memorial

"Hey, wanted to send you this picture of a memorial someone spray painted on the sidewalk at the fatal Queens Blvd accident from this past Monday between Van Loon St and Reeder St (I was not the one that painted FYI nor know who).

I saw it on the way to work this morning and took a picture of it then. When I came home this evening, there was an Asian man with a can of paint stripper removing it from the sidewalk already. Guess I was lucky to snap a picture of it while it was day, maybe? BTW, they left the application of chemical stripper still on the sidewalk at this hour of 8PM, with a few cones around. God help any dog or animal (or kid) that walks through it or licks it...

I guess even Asians don't care about other Asians dying in front of their business (there's an Asian real estate brokerage right on that corner where it's applied).

I know it's still vandalism, graffiting the sidewalk, but I guess it's the speed in which this memorial was removed. Who knows."


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Anonymous said...

It's bad feng shui.