Saturday, November 16, 2013

Julissa pushed for speaker

From the Politicker:

One of the city’s leading big business organizations is said to have attempted to recruit Queens Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras to run for City Council speaker, though the group denies any lobbying effort took place.

According to a source familiar with the discussion, the pro-business group Partnership for New York met with three representatives from Ms. Ferreras’s office–a special assistant, a communications director and a scheduler–on September 20.

While hashing out general business priorities for the district, the source said Partnership representatives also inquired about the status of the speaker’s race, floating the idea of Ms. Ferreras jumping into the backroom contest that will be decided by the council’s 51 members.

“Representatives from the Partnership for New York like Julissa and openly suggested that she, as a more pro-business councilwoman, enter the speaker’s race,” the source said. “She was flattered by the suggestion.”


Anonymous said...

Dear god no

Anonymous said...

Julissa for Speaker, hilarious, one of the least effective members of the council, who does nothing for her community, and sometimes makes the community worse, and a person with no ethics or morals. Additionally, what a great role model for the teens in her district, having a child out of wedlock. Then again, she is a natural born puppet, and can be manipulated easily.

Anonymous said...

She's the one w/ the gang banger biker staffer. NO!!

Anonymous said...

Where did this crop of misfits and agitators come from, are the people in their communities so stupid as to think that they represent them, don't they realize that they serve themselves, don't they realize that they are not intelligent enough to serve others and to do for others. My god, we are ruined