Monday, November 18, 2013

Leftie revolution coming soon

From the Daily News:

The City Council is about to take a sharp left turn.

Twenty-one new Council members are about to take office, and many of them are more liberal than the lawmakers they will replace — creating a tipping point, analysts say, in favor of a “progressive” agenda that has been bottled up for decades.

New Yorkers can expect everything from the expansion of workers’ rights to the imposition of new burdens on businesses.

“You have a wealth of young progressives who are going to be more aggressive than their predecessors,” said Councilman-elect Ritchie Torres (D-Bronx).

“And then you have a mayor who’s willing to partner with the City Council to advance progressive legislation.”

“All the stars are aligning in a progressive direction,” Torres said.

Some civic and political leaders are sounding the alarm.

“What concerns me is they’re certainly going to have agreement on the broader strokes, and I think they’re going to advance that agenda,” said outgoing Council Minority Leader James Oddo (R-Staten Island). “What’s to stop it?”


Anonymous said...

Socialism is winning .... Time to migrate.

Anonymous said...

Oh piease. I would bet you haven't the slighest idea what Socialism means like most Americans.
TRY READING THE Dictionary or talk to a Dane or any Scandinavian, Britian, etc.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie. More unemployment.

georgetheatheist said...



Collectivism doesn't work. Never has. Never will. it is anti-human. Anti-individual.

Let me ask you something, dear reader. When you look in the mirror, do you you see yourself or mankind? I see myself.

The de Blasio regime will be one mistake after another.

Anonymous said...

Socially liberal and fiscally conservative, ah, that would be refreshing, but probably will never happen.

Anonymous said...

Back to the Dinkins days...

Anonymous said...

After being treated like 2nd class citizens by the Manhattan elites its about time that things shift a bit.

But the bitch here is that our new mayor will be in hock to developers so that a lot will not change.

Anonymous said...

@anom 2

Im from (former) east germany.
I understand it very well.

Thomas said...

Well, this is what people voted for. This was bound to happen after years of government that favored big business and developers at the expense of small business and workers. The problem is the progressives have a tendency to think in abstractions, and when it comes time to apply their programs in the real world in real time, chaos ensues. I hope those in this new progressive government will take a pause and see what they can reasonably accomplish in a way that won't hurt small business and penalize those who create jobs and hire people

Anonymous said...

4 years of Dinkins gave us 8 of Rudy and 12 of Bloomberg. 4 years of Debalsio and we'll get a moderate, socially liberal, fiscal conservative who is "tough on crime" Just gotta survive the next 4 years. Get those shot guns in your home before they're banned as well. if you have a full carry, please carry!

Anonymous said...

numbnuts, I mean anon2:

Damn right we know what it means. We also know that the singular noun for a person from Britain is "Briton." And we know that the two countries and one region you mentioned are all former great world powers that now play from the sidelines.

Socialism destroys.

Please do consider going back across the pond if you like it so much.

georgetheatheist said...

Extry, extry. Read all about it.

Pilgrim's Thanksgiving Thrives When Original Socialist Scheme Dies Out".

I am not my brother's keeper.